From the MoM Group

Storm Sewer Sounds. Brilliant — from the MoM Group —

I always wanted to put sound coming out of my storm drain, so this year I did! I used a 1X2 piece of wood and duct taped my two self powered speakers on it, then I taped the CD player in between the speakers. I put two eye hooks on the ends of the wood and used wire to hang pictures on each eye hook. then I twisted it in the middle to make a loop so I could hook it to a chain to lower it down the drain. I tested it last night and it was awesome! It freaked people out as they walked by! I was talking to a neighbor who was walking her dog and she said she was wondering were the sound was coming from. she said she heard it from the next street! I took a walk down the block and sure enough the sound was coming from all the gutters! HA I found a way to haunt the whole neighborhood! The sound was traveling thru the pipes! If you have storm drains in your neighborhood this is a must try!
oooo also forgot I used the whisper MP3 that was posted on the list! man did it sound cool! Imagine walking by the storm drain and hearing that!