Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List. Here’s my geek wishlist as of 10-31. The Xantech MRC88 multizone audio controller, so i can centralize and control all my Halloween audio. Or maybe the AVM20 for the same purpose. The Video xb — one simple box to add on to my PCs to solve all my video capture, storage, and authoring issues. Something from Azden for wireless distribution of all my Halloween audio. The Cambridge SoundWorks Radio CD to replace my noisy cheap Timex alarm/cd player. The Samsung 24″ LCD Monitor for my desk. The RCA Scenium 35-Hour Digital Media Recorder (DRS7000N) to replace my existing DVD player and add another HD recorder in addition to my Tivo box. Some nifty Verbatim Vinyl CDs. And the Nike psa[play – Portable Sport Audio by Philips for treadmill time. And a late addition, the Casio exilim camera/mp3 player.

For the garage I need the Wall-Mount Desk from Duluth Trading.

Finally for the music hour, the Yamaha SLG100N would be a nice practice guitar tho it is dorky looking. And the Chordmaster is way cool for finding chords.