BCS Rankings

BCS Rankings. I’ve been noodling over these. What a strange way to pick the teams to play for the championship. Brad Edwards at ESPN does a good job digging into the mechanics of the system. I’ve been looking at Ohio State’s numbers the last two weeks and have seen some interesting things:

  • Most of the top 6 teams lost “strength of schedule” points this week. Only OSU and Georgia improved. OSU gets a double win here and for quality wins as WSU keeps winning. This is really going to come down to nonconference wins for both teams, as the rest of the way they are in conference play and their conference opponents are going to beat the lights out of each other. OSU needs WSU to continue to win.
  • While scoring margin has been eliminated as a factor in computer polls, it clearly is still a factor for human voters, as OSU lost two positions in the AP Poll while Notre Dame climbed two positions. This cost us at least a point and maybe more with downstream effects
  • Throwing out the worst computer ranking, it is the NY Times, Sagarin, and Colley Matrix polls that are hurting OSU the most, as they have us two positions behind Georgia. TheColley Matrix poll is out of Atlanta, so that explains that. I don’t fully understand the other polls yet.