Travel to cleveland

Travel to Cleveland. Haven’t been on a redeye in years. I used to travel 4-5 days a week including redeyes, early mornings, middays, etc. My most extreme travel was maybe my 24 hoiur trip to paris for a dressing down by a client. I left cleveland and was back in 24 hours, and saw about 4 minutes of paris.

The newly remodelled northwest facility in dtw is great. Very spacious. A marked difference from my last trip here. I used to travel thru here weekly back when I was consulting for gm, standard tube of canada, ontario paper, and other midwest clients.

But of course my most memorable detroit airport moment was the night Liz was born. I was on a consulting assignment for standard tube of canada in woodstock ontario. A colleague and I were driving to detroit the night of november 19 to interview some automotive customers the following day. Between london and detroit we hit black ice and spun into the ditch, thankfully we were not hurt nor was the car damaged. We were towed out later and got to detroit around 2am. I spoke with C and all was fine, she was due in a week.

A half hour later the phone rang. C’s water had broken. She was heading for the hospital. I scrambled out of bed and got a cab to detroit city airport. Before leaving I called ahead to a charter operator and had them get a pilot out of bed. He met me at the airport and we left detroit in a little 4 seater and hopped across the lake to cleveland.

Getting a cab at 4am in cleveland was hard. After repeated calls with greater desparation on each call, the taxi dispatcher came out personally and took me to the hospital. I arrived a few minutes after 5 and at 529 Liz arrived. and she let the world know she was here, she was talking from the word go.