From Lockergnome Windows Digest

From Lockergnome Windows Digest. Good stuff on lockergnome this week, saving a bunch of these here to look at later:

E-Mage for Web is a simple utility for creating HTML image galleries from pictures on your computer. HoeKey is a small program to assign hotkeys to various tasks. NetworkActiv Sniffer enables you to capture and analyze IP packets. iFind is a web search tool that allows you to query the major search engines and produces the results in a unique way. Winsonar is a simple process monitor that allows you to monitor which applications and background processes are currently running on your system. Notes By George! is a must-have replacement for Windows NotePad. Idex is a complete multimedia database and web publishing solution. Novobot is a smart headline viewer and news ticker that can dramatically improve your web browsing experience. Manage Your Workgroup. This Microsoft Knowledge Base article tells you how to create a script for Outlook 2002 that would allow you to perform tasks that are not possible using the regular features of the Rules Wizard. This Microsoft Knowledge Base article explains some of the features available for Windows XP by using NTFS version 3.1.