Dad. I just saw dad in the icu. He is doing great, they are moving him out of intensive care in the next hour. He looks good, is awake and lucid, and is anxious to get all the tubes out. Mom is doing great too.

The surgery was very successful. They were able to do a valve repair with a cosgrove ring and did not need to replace the valve which is great news. And they performed a maze procedure to correct his arhythmia as well. So very good news.

The cleveland clinic has quite an amazing heartcare facility. According to signs in the hall it is the number one rated heart facility in the country. There are a huge number of foreign patients coming and going here, they have translators on staff. My father’s doctor, dr cosgrove, invented the ring that was implanted in my father — the cosgrove ring. I certainly feel that we are in good hands here.