College Apps.

College Apps. Liz is making great progress on these. But a lot of work. I’ve been helping on the mechanics and the process. I’ve been exposed a lot to all the online application processes. A quick review:

  • the Common App site and forms get high marks. This is the application that 200+ private schools accept. High marks for posting edittable PDF forms so that you can type in the key data before giving to the school (for instance the school report form). Also high marks for having a form that can accomodate semesters or trimesters well.
  • the Pomona app and Stanford app on Embark are reasonable. Reasonably clear forms.
  • the Caltech app, Pepperdine, and UW apps are all on applyweb but don’t just go to the website, you need to route there through the college sites. Applyweb is a little more confusing than Embark in my estimation. Caltech doesn’t let you advance to later parts of the form until you have submitted the first part which is a downer. UW requires that you transcribe your complete transcript into a standard form on their app, this is a lot of work that is painful.
  • U of California gets an incomplete so far. The online version for 2003 is not yet available. PDF forms are available for download. Like UW, you have to transcribe your transcript into their form — a lot of work.

For all the apps you will need the Acrobat reader, a high speed connection, and a good laser printer (I recommend color). I also recommend the full Acrobat product so you can overlay text on the forms, this allows you to complete the forms with a very professional look.