Toshiba e740

PocketPC vs Blackberry. I’m carrying around a Toshiba e740 pocketpc now with built-in WIFI, as well as my blackberry. Some really blatant differences.

The blackberry has basically 2 control buttons — Affirmative, Cancel, and the affirmative button is also a scroll wheel. In addition there is a reset button hidden on the back and of course the keyboard. The PocketPC has 8 control buttons, one big switch, two recessed switches, a reset button, an eject button. I can’t tell you what all these buttons do. I know I couldn’t turn on the Toshiba for part of the day because the big switch was in the wrong position.

The blackberry has very limited software that does 2 things well — email and calendar, fully synched with my desktop. The keystrokes to do common operations in these apps are pretty optimized (tho could be even better). The pocketpc software is much richer but a lot more confusing.

The web just doesn’t work well on the pocketpc. It is great that I can even get to it, but no page i have gone to wraps correctly and so reading any content is painful. And javascript is not supported. The web is so clearly a PC phenomena.