Ludwigs in Grand Rapids Ohio

Ludwigs in Grand Rapids Ohio. Hmm someone did a google search for “ludwigs grand rapids ohio” and hit my site accidentally. But hey I know something about this topic as my grandfather Cleo is from Grand Rapids and was involved in the acquisition of the Isaac Ludwig mill which is apparently now part of the Toledo Metroparks system. So if you are out there, drop me a note and we can chat.

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  1. I am not the one who searched looking for Ludwigs in Grand Rapids, OH, but was looking for the website for the Ludwig Mill. My great-grand-
    father was Nelson Ludwig. So you know much of the family history? Hope you are still out there and can answer my email. Would like to learn all I can about the Mill and family.

  2. My Great Great Grand father was Issac Lugwig. I have some information on the family. I am not at home but will be there on July 14th and could get in contact again then when I have the information. He used the mill I beleive to make lumber and for the mill.

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