Video Ripping Update

Video Ripping Update.

So I am in the midst of moving all my DV and VHS-C home movies to DVD. Here’s my learning so far:

A. Allocate a lot of time. Ripping generally runs in realtime, and you make mistakes and need to rerip, and then you will want to analyze and clean up all the video and chapterize it. And I haven’t even gotten to dvd burning yet. Generally I would say you need to allocate at least 3-4 hours of time for every hour of video you bring in, and that is just to do the basics. If you want to really futz around with editting, add more.
B. Buy a big hard disk. No, bigger. One 60minute DV tape was a 13Gig file on my system. my 120Gig NAS is going to disappear fast.
C. The ATI all-in-wonder card is working well at the hardware level. But the bundled software is pretty indifferent. In particular the video capture stuff didn’t seem to handle DV well or analog well (it captured my analog in some wierd proprietary file type).
D. Win XP Moviemaker was fine for DV capture. Tho slow — why does it go in realtime? I have a 1394 connection, the captured stream is 25Mbps, 1394 is 400Mbps, i should be able to move over the stream 16x faster than realtime but it didn’t seem to allow this? And it didn’t work at all for analog capture, it couldn’t seem to see my S-video input.
E. The HP DVD writer (200 external) installed very easy.
F. The Arcsoft Showbiz software bundled with the DVD has a goofy interface but seems easy to use to do basic chapterization and editting. But note — do not use the auto scene detection feature. It takes a LONG time to process a 13G file, and it doesn’t work — it split my file up into hundreds of snippets that didn’t match with the real scene delineation points at all. Maybe there is something smart I am supposed to do at filming time to tag the scenes.