VPNS. I’ve been thinking a lot about VPNs. Today’s products are so inadequate. There are two user scenarios they fall down for:

1) Home users. Increasingly corporations are trying to “lock down” the machines that are allowed full protocol access to the intranet, which creates a dilemma for home users who may have very different computing environments than the corporate policy supports. It is kind of crazy to give home users full protocol access to the intranent.

2) Business partners. I just want to share a few documents with my lawyer, attorney, etc. Or a few apps. Not the entire intranet. And security/account management is so confusing. Products like Groove purport to solve this but they are soooo heavyweight — I have to install this huge client with a whole new metaphor just to share a few documents. and of course the documents get copied to some groove directory and aren’t in sync anymore with my intranet copy.

Lots of opportunity here yet. We are seeing some startups thinking about. I hope we see a company that nails this.