The White Stripes

The White Stripes. Saw them at the Moore last night. Wow. Jack has amazing stage presence. And is just a fun guitarist. This band is headed up. For those of you who live near Detroit, make sure you catch them for a hometown show, I bet that would be fun. Their recordings are so sparse, they sound very similar live.

I was about 24 years older than the mean age of the crowd and I am pretty sure the only person with a blackberry in the crowd, blogging my notes about the concert.

I obviously missed the red hair dye memo. Good thing I have that earring — I am pretty sure you couldn’t get in without at least one piercing.

The opening act was a raw trio from grand rapids. All I can say is they were earnest. The second act was the well bred boys, acceptable pop/rock.

But blown away by the White Stripes. Great American flag backdrop. Jack all in red, Meg in red and white. Played nearly all the songs from their latest cd and a few new pieces. Not much from the older catalog. Meg sang on one song. Jack had some brutal guitar efforts.

Words for us all from the White Stripes:

“Well you’re in your little room/ And you’re working on something good/ But if it’s really good/ You’re gonna need a bigger room/ And when you’re in the bigger room/ You might not know what to do/ You might have to think of/ How you got started/ Sitting in your little room.” — “Little Room”