Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend. We picked up some kayaks and a canoe this week and are having a blast tooling around the lake. Weather is marginal but as long as it is not pouring we are having some fun. We got our boats at REI’s big annual sale — man I am a sucker for REI.

OK so it’s not really boating unless someone ends up in the water. I drew the short straw this outing. As C exited the canoe at the end of the ride, the canoe destabilized and whoop! in I went. Lake Washington is cold in May but not unbearable. I think I’ll get out of the canoe first next time…

We need a way to store the boats on the dock during the summer. This seems to be the cadillac of storage systems — Talic — doesn’t look too weather safe tho.

The racks at SEITECH look a little more weather safe. We’re going to cruise the shore today and see what others do for storage.