Fog Creek Software

Blogger alternatives. I love blogger. I love the fact that so many people are doing useful things with it.

But it is clearly a tech-weenie experience. Stability is poor. There is often disagreement between blogger and me about what has been really published. I often have to whack blogger upside the head to get it to correctly publish my content. I have recommended blogger to many people but my non-tech-weenie friends find it daunting.

So I am on a mission to find alternatives. Looked at Movable Type — but don’t really want to install server software, I am very wary of installing even scripts on my server that come from sources I don’t know. I played with Radio some more. It shares some of the stability and tech-weenie nature of blogger.

Next up is citydesk from Fog Creek Software. OK I have citydesk from fogcreek installed. The article management UI is nice. Including pictures is easier than blogger. Stability seems fine so far. I will have to do some initial setup for my buds so that they don’t have to learn {$x.barf$} syntax. A possibility…