CD Collection

CD Collection. Finally finished ripping my entire cd collection (about 1000 discs) to my server. 96k, wma encoding, and I convert to mp3 for appliances as necessary.

Great to be done. Has been a background task for the last month. You can see what I am currently listening to on the left side of the page in the playlist section. I’ve been using windows media player for all my ripping (because it is less buggy than a lot of the tools i have tried and has less ad-ware than products from real) but the web page playlist feature motivated me to switch to winamp for playback.

I’d love to just get rid of all the cds now but I will have to rip these all again in 5 years or so when my hard disks are big enough to handle lossless uncompressed storage. So I’ll keep them around for a while.