Remote Access to my network.

Remote Access to my network. OK I have started this past weekend on a simple adventure. I want to be able to see the files on my home machine from my desk at my office. And I want to do so securely — IE I don’t want the rest of the planet to be able to easily monkey with my files.

I considered a lot of different solutions — writing a custom website to frontend my files, using pc anywhere, using the winxp remote desktop feature, putting my file server at home in the dmz of my firewall. I had a recent good experience with the Win XP VPN client tho, it is substantially easier to use than previous versions and it is included in Win XP. And with a VPN I can keep my file server behind my firewall, and I can put the VPN server behind my firewall. And I happened to have an underutilized Win2k server box so I decided to turn it into a VPN server using the included VPN software.

So in I dove. I will save you all the details. Along the way I had to add another net card, reconfig my firewall to pass traffic through to the vpn server, and configure a vpn server on the win2k box. There are a lot of moving parts involved. As of this moment, I am now reformatting my WIn2k box and reinstalling the server on it, as in my first attempt I ended up with an unbootable win2k server. There are a lot of conflicting docs on the Microsoft Technet site about how to set this up right. The user interface is pretty daunting.

Once I have it working I will post my steps and advice up here. But for now I am deep in the bowels of Win2k Server Setup…

Update. Server Set up. SP2 installed. Currently installing all security patches.