Back to the Grind

Back to the Grind

Both L and J back to school today. A tough morning, everyone up and moving by 620 am. 6 weeks of grind until mid-winter break in february. That’s not so bad. We’re going to Arizona for a week in February so we have something to look forward to.

Raining raining raining today. As it was yesterday. Why we hate Seattle. But on the good side of the ledger, the daffodil shoots all broke thru in the last 4-5 days, so spring is already on its way!

College Update

Another school L is now considering is Occidental in LA. She met a student from her high school who now goes there and loves it. And per the website, Oxy is ‘Hot’, according to Newsweek and the WSJ.

C and I are trying to figure out why “Oxy” is the abbreviation for “Occidental”.