Portland Trip

Portland Trip

We had a nice trip down to Portland. What a great city — feels much more old world than Seattle. Narrower streets, older buildings, just a lot more style. A great city for walking around. ANd you have to love no sales tax.

We stayed at the Heathman Hotel. We recommend it if you ever get Portland way. A beautiful lobby in which they host a holiday tea. It was booked too far in advance for us to partake but we will try to do so in the future.

We visited Reed and Lewis and Clark Colleges. Both beautiful campuses. Reed felt more like a midwest or east coast campus with older buildings and a lot of deciduous trees in a suburban setting. Reed has about 1400 undergrads, 77% from outside the Northwest. It is a very short drive into downtown Portland.

Lewis and Clark is a bit further out, also in a suburban neighborhood. The campus feels more typically northwest with a lot of douglas firs, etc. A little larger than Reed, about 1800 undergrads.

A great trip and I am sure we will go back to at least Reed when L starts making formal visits this spring.