College Thinking

College Thinking

One constant theme of conversation in our house these days is college — in particular, where might L go.

I have no idea where L will ultimately decide to go — I am enjoying learning about schools with her and watching her think thru the decision. I am sure she will make a great choice.

One factor will certainly be our location. The West, and in particular the Pacific Northwest, is just not as well provisioned with lots of private universities and liberal arts schools, certainly not in the way that the Midwest or East is.

Working from North to South, some of the schools we have talked about in a positive light include:

– the University of Washington
Reed College
Lewis and Clark College
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
Santa Clara University
UC Santa Barbara
Pepperdine University
Claremont McKenna
UC San Diego

Other schools we have considered but probably ruled completely out are Gonzaga, UC Santa Cruz, and Harvey Mudd. Interesting schools all but not a good fit.

And then there are some that we may learn more about — Caltech, Loyola Marymount, University of San Diego, University of Redlands.

All lists are very dynamic. I’ll try to keep you up to date.