Perhaps the best way to build a personal website these days is as a weblog, or blog for short. This site is an example — your typical blog is a set of short notes posted in chronological order, most typically with references to other sites. It is kind of the web equivalent of a diary!

You can get more information on blogs at lots of places — the blogger site has lots of info and is the tool that I use to build and maintain my site. Super easy to use, and I can add new items to my website from anywhere — at home, at work, at a friends house, anywhere. Weblogs.com also has a ton of info and you can buy software up here to help you build and run a blog (or any other kind of website). There is more info on these sites than I can possibly summarize, including a lot of info on or near the weblogs site concerning web services and xml which is a whole ‘nother discussion.

To get started building a blog using say blogger, you’ll need to first decide where to host your blog — i.e. what server will it physically reside on. If you don’t care what domain name you have, then you can use a free homepage service like Talkcity . You’ll have limited storage and probably some ads inserted in your page but hey it is free.

If you want your own domain name like I have, you’ll need to register your name at someplace like Network Solutions. This isn’t hugely expensive — $35/year is the listed price tho i think i have seen cheaper deals. Then you’ll need to pay some more to host the domain somewhere — you should be able to get this done for $10 a month or less. Or you can do like I do and host it at your workplace for free, though you will need a friendly employer.

Once you have your free homepage or hoisted domain set up, just point blogger towards it and go! I’ve skipped about a zillion details but part of the fun is learning how to do all this and I don’t want to spoil your fun!