Ignition Update Some of you

Ignition Update

Some of you have asked about the companies that we are investing in here at Ignition. Here is a quick rundown of our investments to date:

Seven — founded by a great entrepreneur, Bill Nguyen. This company is doing great, they are solving wireless network problems for large companies.

Avogadro — founded by longtime friends from Microsoft, this company was sold earlier this year to Openwave for nearly $100M at the time. A great set of guys, we wish them well.

RLX — working on next generation server designs that are orders of magnitude smaller, cooler, lighter, less power consumptive.

Gitwit — founded by a brilliant guy, Eric Engstrom. Working on the coolest technologies ever for cell phones.

Etrieve — down in Portland. Letting you work with your email and calendar by voice.

Airwave — working on next generation wireless networks. In stealth mode.

Radioframe — working on a very cool solution to allow your cell phone to work well indoors — in buildings, in parking garages, in all the places that cell phone coverage is weak today. Great set of guys behind this one.

IR — a team of very bright guys working on some secret stuff.

In addition we have some entrepreneurs sitting in our offices working on some very early business ideas that may become companies.

None of these companies are public entities nor are they likely to be so anytime soon. The market for public offerings is pretty tough these days. But most of them are good solid companies that will become cash flow positive and when the markets improve, we expect some very positive outcomes.