Busy Weekend!

Busy Weekend!

On Friday, I finally joined the ACLU and the EFF after years of claiming I was going to. I am all for tracking down terrorists and bringing them to justice, but in our zeal to do so, I hope we don’t crush important civil liberties.

On Friday night, We went to the Father/Dottir Dinner at school and had a wonderful time, while C and John stayed at home and had a movie night. Great bonding all around.

On Saturday, we went with the rest of the lemmings to see Harry Potter. While not an A+ movie in our view, it was still a great deal of fun. We all agree, we like Ron the best.

On Sunday, digital age disaster! We had taken a lot of pictures Saturday with our digital camera, hoping to use one for our Christmas card. And we had a lot of other pictures in the camera. On Sunday I took the compactflash memory card out of our camera and attempted to upload the pictures to my PC. Oops, the card was corrupted. And it was no longer readable by the camera. All our pictures were gone.

Major unhappiness. Thankfully I knew people at Microsoft who knew the experts on compactflash, and they directed me towards Ontrack. Not for the faint of heart, this is a pretty techy tool, I had to figure out that my compactflash card had a FAT32 file system on it and had to scan the compactflash card many many times, but I finally recovered 90% of the pictures.

Lesson learned yet again — back up early and back up often. Never leave pictures sitting around for months in your digital camera, get them uploaded and stored securely right away.

One more digital disaster — I love my blackberry, but I am getting blackberry thumb, a variant of carpal tunnel. ouch.