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Microsoft Service Week — Part 3

Installed the Win7 Beta1. I think MSFT will sell a ton of this. It just seems faster and cleaner than Vista. I haven’t played with new features yet — early NYT review seems positive — but glad that it seems […]

Grab bag of software tips

* Playing AVIs on a mac. Thanks Rich. I’ve just been deleting these emails mostly. * Find open files preventing disk ejection on mac * How to MMS from iPhone. Thanks again rich * Bring the ribbon to notepad. not […]

Rich's photo tools recos

Photo Tools: FDR Tool, PortraitProfessional, Lumapix, Digi-labs | Tongfamily.com — lots of great tips here. I am currently using Aperture and Noise Ninja, with an occasional dip in Adobe Elements — I can’t bring myself to spring for Photoshop but […]

Software I am meaning to try

* CrunchGear » Archive » XBMC for Mac OS X continues to mature, gives Front Row much needed competition — I have an idle mac mini… * cloudprint — i occasionally want to print at home while at work, and […]

Ethernet to Coax adapter

CrunchGear » Archive » D-Link’s ethernet-to-coaxial adapter kit: useful but expensive — ha, you can buy old ethernet coax cards for pennies on various websites. of course they need ISA slots. I think my partners Jon and Rich may still […]

Software notes — bloatware alternatives

* Crapware: Superior Alternatives to Crappy Windows Software — i didn’t know about cdburnerxp * Rsyncx on the mac — potential beyondcompare alternative * Passpack password manager. I am not ready to give some service all my credentials but man […]

File System Mounting Tricks

* Featured Mac Download: Drag and Drop Upload Files to Google Docs with Gdocsuploader — Googledocs mounted on a mac. * Flickr mounted under Linux * Mount USB drives in a folder — to get around windows shell goofiness and […]

Windows Utilities to try out

* TeraCopy — asynch copying with pause, resume, error handling * Doublekiller — find and kill file dupes. And then RED to kill empty dirs * Defraggler — individual file defraggler. UPDATE: faulted when I ran it. not going to […]

Essential Windows Utilities

* Completely Uninstalling Windows Applications — sadly necessary * svchost processes — this is very helpful. * Google Docs Uploader — I am shifting all my doc storage up to google docs, this is helpful

Got Drobo working

A Little Ludwig Goes A Long Way: Not too happy with my Drobo — I did finally get a support call with Drobo and they got it working. I had to go twiddle a BIOS setting having to do with […]

Grabbag of software links

* Switch Between Your Gmail Accounts — hmm this has been an impediment to spawning more accounts * Paypal toolbar gens one-off credit card numbers — always liked the one-off credit card idea; at one point some ecommerce sites didn’t […]

Not too happy with my Drobo

Data Robotics, Inc. | Knowledge Base — these things are getting fab reviews but * my PC won’t boot with it attached — apparently there is some bios tweak i can do — yuck * and even when i can […]

Recent software of note

* Remember the Googley Milk — major hole on iphone is lack of a todo list. this is my current favorite replacement. Nice PC UI. * Flot javascript graphing library. or there is what looks to be a server-side google […]

Upgrading to XP — patchorama

Wow. Haven’t installed XP in quite a while. I installed the retail XP from a CD. Then had to find my motherboard drivers on a different PC, burn them to a CD, since XP didn’t have the drivers on the […]

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