Windows Utilities to try out

* TeraCopy — asynch copying with pause, resume, error handling
* Doublekiller — find and kill file dupes. And then RED to kill empty dirs
* Defraggler — individual file defraggler. UPDATE: faulted when I ran it. not going to use a defragger that faults
* Drivermax — backup all your drivers. UPDATE: pretty cool, MSFT should buy this thing.
* Xinorbis hard disk analyzer. Also windirstat. UPDATE: both nice and useful. Man do I have a lot of storage committed to FLAC
* Process Scanner or Taskpower3 to figure out what all those running processes are. UPDATE: process scanner doesn’t really provide any more detail than task manager, and taskpower wants money from me to try.
* Netsharemanager to manage network shares in bulk
* InFormEnter to complete webforms
* HD Tune for checking hard disk health
* Ed Bott’s list of 10 best utilities
* Fix stuck pixels — does this actually work??
* Powercfg to control which devices can wake Windows. Or at least see which ones can

Connecting to Time Capsule from Windows

My time capsule was easy to setup to back up my macbook but I also wanted to use it a file share for my windows PCs. It was not obvious at all how to connect to it from Windows. The Time Capsule doesn’t show up in any of the network browsing UI. I finally downloaded the Airport utility for Windows and installed it, this let me look at the Time Capsule properties and I observed the default name of the Time Capsule — “John Ludwig’s Time Capsule” — is converted to a usable network name — “John-Ludwigs-Time-Capsule.local”. I was able to connect to this name in the Windows Explorer and map a drive to it and now all is well. There are also options in the Airbook utility to set the Workgroup for the time capsule and the WINS server, but in a home network, who knows where the freaking WINS server is??? I sure don’t.

Got Drobo working

A Little Ludwig Goes A Long Way: Not too happy with my Drobo — I did finally get a support call with Drobo and they got it working. I had to go twiddle a BIOS setting having to do with legacy USB support. The Drobo folks claim this is the BIOS manufacturer’s fault and assert that other mass storage USB devices will fail as well. However I have had no problems with a variety of generic USB housings and with a LaCie box so I don’t think the Drobo folks have this really figured out yet. Additionally the Drobo software decided to grab drive M for their use which was bad as I already had a network drive mapped to M. So that was chunky and painful.

The box seems to work fine now tho.

Grabbag of software links

* Switch Between Your Gmail Accounts — hmm this has been an impediment to spawning more accounts
* Paypal toolbar gens one-off credit card numbers — always liked the one-off credit card idea; at one point some ecommerce sites didn’t deal well with
* Generate blogrolls from google reader — need to reinstate my blogroll someday
* See if your windows box has stealth connections to the net — i’m clean
* Use to plan out a color scheme — love color scheme tools
* AnyTV player — tried this one, actually seems to kind of work
* Visual exploration of medical terms — didn’t learn anything new but maybe useful
* Photomatix for HDR photography

Recent software of note

* Remember the Googley Milk — major hole on iphone is lack of a todo list. this is my current favorite replacement. Nice PC UI.
* Flot javascript graphing library. or there is what looks to be a server-side google alternative. Now I am embarrassed I have never put a graph on my site.
* Price Advance. don’t know how well it works but seems worthy of a trial
* Crossloop. Remote screen control plus a peer to peer service to help others. I like the business model thinking.
* Resize any window. Sad that I even understand why I need this.
* Single file defrag. I bet I will need this someday
* Senuti iPod backup
* Ebay Desktop. Kind of nice tho late and really why is this an app and not just a better website?
* Mac disk usage utilities

Upgrading to XP — patchorama

Wow. Haven’t installed XP in quite a while. I installed the retail XP from a CD.

Then had to find my motherboard drivers on a different PC, burn them to a CD, since XP didn’t have the drivers on the retail disk. And the motherboard network chipset wouldn’t work until I got the new motherboard drivers.

Then I went to Windows Update. First I had to download and install a new Windows Update component. Then 16 security/critical patches. Then and only then was I allowed to download Service Pack 2, which takes a long time.

And after that reboot, another 85! patches waiting for me. And then I had to download sound card drivers, and nvidia drivers.

So … if you do this, be prepared for a lot of time spent babysitting downloads and installs.