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By the way, I’m back to the iPhone

After 6 months or so with the “Nokia Lumia”:http://theludwigs.com/2012/04/switching-to-the-nokia-lumia-900-for-a-while/, I’m back to the iPhone — the iPhone 5. The Lumia was nice looking hardware, but Nokia and MSFT’s orphaning of the handset annoyed me, and the device was pretty underpowered. […]

Are people listening to podcasts?

Until “my recent post assessing the Lumia”:http://theludwigs.com/2012/04/am-i-still-using-the-lumia/, I have never had a person in the last 5 years mention to me that they are listening to podcasts, nor have I seen a startup pitch mentioning them in the last several […]

Am I still using the Lumia?

I was asked this yesterday, and the answer: Yes I am, and I am satisfied with it, but it is not without issues. 2 weeks in and I can report many good things and some less than good. * Hardware. […]

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