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Web roundup 11/2

* Really want to like Jotspot and Jotspot live as wikis have some really appealing features. But I tried to do a simple thing — family christmas lists – and gave up and went back to tadalists. Just less confusing […]


I tried to register ignitionlive.com but it was taken. i guess we can’t enter the new “live” era. I’m not saying MSFT has committed this error, but I like Joel’s definition of “the Marimba Phenomenon” — what happens when you […]

PC software state

Phil on tagging and search history — “The race is on to push more and more browser state out into the cloud from the PC, and to more seamlessly blur browsing, tagging, and authoring.” It shouldn’t be just browser state. […]

Web 2.0 business articles

Top Web2.0 VCs — some of these guys are going to make a lot of money. Phil Bogle on the need for a more sophisticated economy for web2.0 services Everything Tom writes is worth reading

Joel on GOOG vs MSFT

A very senior Microsoft developer who moved to Google told me that Google works and thinks at a higher level of abstraction than Microsoft. “Google uses Bayesian filtering the way Microsoft uses the if statement,” he said. That’s true. Google […]

Nice mention of JudysBook

Over at Tipmonkies — “Judy’s Book, the yellow pages of Web 2.0” “Judy’s Book is an awesome resource with a great back story.” “This wouldn’t be Web 2.0 without a little Google Map action so you can also see listings from […]

Software and service roundup

Web2.0 mashup matrix.  OK i don’t really know what web2.0 is and I sure don’t know that all the tools and services in this matrix make it any clearer — but this is a way cool matrix of tools and […]

Useful sites

* via jkontherun. print your own graph paper. Nice for generating that odd piece of graph paper. * via tipmonkies, numsum — a hosted spreadsheet. * zipcode overlay mashup. Very handy.

Web-based word processors

Man a flood of these — Writely (works well for me), Jotlive, zohowriter, writeboard. Seems like the fullscale assault on ms-office scenarios is launching. Sure, office apps do like a kajillion more things, but I don’t need all that, and […]

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