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Grabbag of software links

* Switch Between Your Gmail Accounts — hmm this has been an impediment to spawning more accounts * Paypal toolbar gens one-off credit card numbers — always liked the one-off credit card idea; at one point some ecommerce sites didn’t […]

Why I will probably quit reading Web2.0 blogs

Headlines/opinions like this — Bombshell: Google and Facebook Join DataPortability.org – ReadWriteWeb and This Day Will Be Remembered. Some company joining some random standards group is just not that important in the medium or long run. Geez Microsoft joined about […]

Recent software of note

* Remember the Googley Milk — major hole on iphone is lack of a todo list. this is my current favorite replacement. Nice PC UI. * Flot javascript graphing library. or there is what looks to be a server-side google […]

Google Spreadsheets is rocking

* Real Time Collaboration in Google Spreadsheets Rocks at Starting Up by Rahul Pathak — Rahul points out the collab features, very nice * And look at the new online data integration features — google sets integration, xpaths/xml, html import, […]

Recent software/site notes

* Windows Live Writer Beta 2 has shipped ? Bogle’s Blog — Phil likes it. Me, I just can’t wrap my mind around installing a blog editor on the 3 PCs and 1 Mac at home that I use regularly, […]

Software links

* WikiMatrix – Compare them all — lists and compares all the wiki implementations * Forummatrix — same dealy for forums * MonkeyGTD — the fusion of wikis and GTD ideas is a strong draw to me. i religiously use […]

Congrats to Walter Smith Et Al

When three ex-MSFTies partner: They’re Beautiful! – istartedsomething — I’d been meaning to notice these guys, looks like they are up to some cool stuff. Not sure how they make money but nice work. Good luck guys.

Grabbag of useful sites

* BibMe – the fully automatic & free bibliography maker (MLA, APA & Chicago) — very cool * Geni — i’m not really into family trees but this is actually kind of fun. I wish I could link trees with […]

Random useful and interesting sites

Found via StumbleUpon: * Google sightseeing — a great way to see satellite photos of interesting world sites * Test everything — a jillion tools for testing the construction, seo, and other characteristics of your site * Computer Architecture — […]

Recent Software/Services of note

* Amazon S3 storage costs drop — “Finally, this illustrates a subtle but important point of using S3. When I buy physical disks at SmugMug, those are sunk costs. They’ll never get cheaper because I’ve already paid for them. At […]

Google and copyrights

WhoseTube? Viacom Sues Google Over Video Clips – New York Times — one has to wonder why this is limited to video material. If I am the owner of say the “Ford Mustang” copyright, or “The Who” copyright, or the […]

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