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The Anti-Venture Capital site

Found via a comment on Rich’s site — Venture capital is hazardous to your company’s health in 9 out of 10 cases — ouch! On the other hand, maybe he isn’t talking about me: With the first dollar of venture […]

Home networking growth projections

Great news for Pure Networks — Applications: Home Is Where The Network Is — as more and more homes get home networks, more and more people are going to need help with these networks — managing, securing, sharing, monitoring, etc.

Bioinformatics blogs

Cam is taking some interest in bionformatics. Of course there are some blogs covering the space — A bioinformatics weblog – nodalpoint.org; Bioinformatics-India; fernan aguero’s site. Then if you want news beyond blogs, you can try Bioinform or Bio-ITWorld.

Follow On Rounds

We had an offsite yesterday to discuss follow-on financing rounds for our fund I companies. We have 7 active investments in this fund and all will need additional funding over their lifetime. Given the weak state of the b+ round […]

Yet Another Collaboration Startup

I was looking at the plans of yet another collaboration startup this week. Yet another interesting system to help people codify and automate collaboration. And yet another system that will die an unmourned death I suspect. End users have voted […]

What A Young Programmer Thinks

Just recovering from the flu, been off net for a while. Just saw this — Random Hacks: The Missing Future — what a great article about the opportunities in the software industry from the eyes of a younger person. This […]

Advice for small software companies

Both of these come from markpasc.org — Shareware Amateurs vs. Shareware Professionals by Steve Pavlina — a nice dissertation on the right and wrong ways to figure out what product to build; and Eric Sink’s article on product positioning — […]

John Doerr on Risk.

John Doerr on Risk. We were having a good conversation on types of risk yesterday in our weekly meeting at Ignition, and Jon Anderson tracked down some of John Doerr’s thoughts on risk…good reminders: ?So one of Kleiner’s laws has […]

Ignition Holiday Party

Ignition Holiday Party. A nice evening last nite, it was great to see everyone out of the office and with their families. Thanks Jon and Elizabeth for hosting. Hoops won the hand-made sock contest with his “Ghost of Christmas Past” […]

VCs and Blogs

VCs and Blogs. I am pretty proud of the fact that Ignition has to be the leading VC when it comes to blog usage. Between my main site, my Halloween site, Tong’s personal site and geek site, and soon to […]

Fund a Blogger?

Fund a Blogger? Scoble asked me in a comments thread if we would ever fund a blogger. And the answer is “of course”. Both Tong and I are very high on blogs — the amount of energy and innovation around […]

VCs and disclosure

VCs and Disclosure. No vc in the world should object to greater disclosure and accountability — hold us to the same standards that everyone else is held to. Battle over disclosure – Venture Capital Journal: VC firms vow that they […]

Regression Analysis

Regression Analysis. I used to run regressions all day long when I worked at Booz-Allen — trying to unearth manufacturing cost behaviour as a function of scale, complexity, etc. Back in those days I used a calculator or a package […]

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