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Scientific computing and the cloud

This year I’ve had a chance to experiment with tools for compute intensive applications. In particular, tools that harness the profusion of inexpensive CPU/GPU cycles available — OpenMP for multi-threading on single machines so that multiple cores can be leveraged; […]

Where are the great sports apps?

I am a huge sports enthusiast. I love the Buckeyes (despite all their current woes!). I follow with interest the Seahawks, the Browns, USC, UW, the Big Ten, the Pac Ten, the SEC. I watch excessive amounts of college football, […]

Thinking that intrigues me

* Touchable holography. Uses tracking cameras and directed ultrasound to create interaction and physical sensation. Cool demo. * Algortihmatic – online library of algorithms and IDE. Cool tho limited. * The LED’s dark secret. Droop in LED performance to be […]

Black-Swan Proofing, Useless Business Plans

Gleaned from the twittersphere: FT.com / Comment / Opinion – Ten principles for a Black Swan-proof world. Man some good common sense in here. Business plans a waste of time. Sounds like your typical entrepreneur would be far better off […]

fun carbon stats for paper

GreenPDF has a ton of info about the carbon costs of paper, fun to read. i am not sure why they commingle the message with PDF adoption, that seems strange, but the numbers are fun. we’ve invested in a couple […]

Seattle Startup Index

Seattle Startup Index here — thanks Marcelo — some good Ignition portfolio representation but kind of sad we missed out on Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures of Cats – I Can Has Cheezburger?

Green Links

* Idea Blob: An Infectious Way to Fund Your Green Business : Ecopreneurist — ok not really green specific but interesting * Reusing worn oil production tubing as jewelry — just looks cool. * Artifical Solar Leaves — cool looking, […]

Ignition news items

* DocuSign Raises $12.4 Million — Jonro is pretty excited about these guys, they seem to be making great progress * Yet more new features at Judy’s Book — the deal quality keeps getting better, the Seattle landing page actually […]

Congrats to Walter Smith Et Al

When three ex-MSFTies partner: They’re Beautiful! – istartedsomething — I’d been meaning to notice these guys, looks like they are up to some cool stuff. Not sure how they make money but nice work. Good luck guys.

pmarca on "the only thing that matters"

blog.pmarca.com: The Pmarca Guide to Startups, part 4: The only thing that matters In honor of Andy Rachleff, formerly of Benchmark Capital, who crystallized this formulation for me, let me present Rachleff’s Law of Startup Success: The #1 company-killer is […]


* The Big Picture | How to Fail As a Trader in 10 Easy Steps — “9. Trade with your emotions”. These probably apply to any investment business * Ten most useful knots — I know I forgot these from […]

Web2.0 — Over and Out

EarlyStageVC: Web 2.0 – Over and Out — great article. Hard to get excited about Web2.0 ideas, they have entered the realm of the ordinary. When a startup says “we are going to have a social network and user generated […]

VC transparency

Via Techcrunch, TheFunded which tracks feedback on VCs by funded companies. This s awesome, more transparency and communication is always good. I note Bessemer is rated highly, I’m on a board with some Bessemer folks and I would have to […]

Ignition blog postings

* I wonder how the LPs feel (via Mattishness) at Starting Up by Rahul Pathak * Bob on tripods. Bob knows photography * Andy reminds me to disconnect every once in a while. * The jobster team keeps pouring out […]

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