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Goal people vs River people

The Occupational Adventure (sm) Blog: Goal people and river people — good article. I think I am mostly a river person but with occasional bouts of goalishness. Found via Rebecca’s Blog.

Luxury Watches

It’s Comeback Time for Luxury Watches — I fell in love with Audemars Piguet pieces thru an advertisement and sent away for their catalog. Now that’s a luxury watch — some of them are priced at ~$400K. I concluded that, […]


Rebecca’s Blog — great tips on how to really listen, and a great set of links. One of my business partners, Jon Roberts, is a great listener — he constantly reminds me “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

The Power Lunch — how soon people forget

The Powering Up of the Power Lunch — here we are, still indicting and prosecuting executives who have abused privilege during the last go-go surge of capitalism, and yet some people are already back to their old ways — living […]

QFC and the food bank

This time of year I really appreciate QFC’s support of the needy — they make it incredibly easy to pick up a prepackaged $5 or $10 bag of groceries for the local foodbank. Every time I am in the store […]

Have an Agenda

Great counsel here — The Sells Spout — The idea is, no matter what projects you work on, no matter what groups you go to, no matter what tasks you’re into that day, to have an underlying agenda that pushes […]

Jawad Khaki

Congrats Jawad on your national award. I remember vividly my first business trip with Jawad. We were down at 3Com. In the middle of the meeting, he excused himself, pulled his prayer mat out of a bag, oriented himself in […]

Hunger at Thanksgiving.

Hunger at Thanksgiving. I heard from friends back in Marion that 1000 free meals were served yesterday from just one church for the holiday. Multiply this by the number of active churches, organizations, shelters, etc, and that is a pretty […]

HBR Article

HBR Article Good article on corporate social responsibility in the HBR this month. Unfortunately the web site won’t let you read it, you have to buy it or buy a copy of the mag. Worth reading tho.

Ignition Values

Ignition Values I’ve spent a lot of time recently with some of my partners talking about the values for our little company. I’m kind of proud of the statement we have come up with. I thought I’d share. Our Mission: […]


Icebergs L brought home a paper last week on the “Iceberg” analogy for teams. How just a little bit of an iceberg peeks above the water, but it has a whole huge structure supporting its exposed surface, and how that […]

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