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Hard-ass quote for the day: Motivation is simple. You eliminate those who are not motivated. — Lou Holtz

How do you recession-proof your career?

Ask The Readers: How Do You Recession-Proof Your Career? — some ideas from others. In my first real job, a wise mentor who had lived through recessions and layoffs gave me this advice: * Make sure you are working on […]

Pithy lessons from football

Buckeye Legends | Game of My Life – Michigan (Part 2): That football’s about getting back up after you’ve been tackled. That it’s not about success or failure, but both at the same time. And the question isn’t whether either […]

pmarca on aging and effectiveness

It is nice to think that there is some field out there in which I can still be productive… blog.pmarca.com: Age and the entrepreneur, part 1: Some data # This peak in productivity varies by field, from the late 20s […]

Andy Sack thinking out loud

A Sack of Seattle: The meeting that led to Judy’s Book insights — Andy is doing a great job of thinking out loud about his business. this is just one of a series of posts worth reading.

Just what is so freaking secret?

I’ve been thinking about HP’s actions — A Little Ludwig Goes A Long Way: "Pretexting" — and I’ve been wondering — just what is the board of a public company talking about that is so freaking secret? Why do they […]


Wired News: HP Dragnet Grabbed 9 Reporters — isn’t this just lying? Fraud? Tactics equivalent to social engineering used by identity thieves? Why does the press keep calling this “pretexting”? Seems like felony class fraud to me.

Strong Opinions, Weakly Held

Brilliant articulation of how to think about the future — A couple years ago, I was talking the Institute’s Bob Johansen about wisdom, and he explained that – to deal with an uncertain future and still move forward – they […]

Jonathan Schwartz’ Blog

Pretty inspirational guy — Survival of the Most Adaptable, and also his post on first meeting scott. Certainly would make me feel that there was a great leader at the helm if I was at Sun.

How to Interview

A great book reco from rich — the perfect prep book. Critical advice on preparing for an interview. Excerpting rich: Before the interview, read the website. Know the three reasons why you are the only and perfect person for the […]

Career counsel

Reading Jason’s post on 8 things to craft your career and john’s on “can you tell me what your job is in 3 seconds” caused me to reflect back on some lessons I learned early in my career. A very […]

Ideas v Opinions

Great table on brand autopsy on ideas versus opinions. I aspire to always present ideas and positive thoughts in meetings, and keep my snarky unhelpful opinions to myself. (Unless we are talking Michigan-OSU football).

Thinking Differently

From JK On The Run, hints on how to think differently. I like “Learning Something Outside Your Comfort Zone: If you’re an artist, learn about String Theory. If you’re a scientist, learn about the aesthetics of music. The more novel […]

Cendant — the most evil company?

Man these guys at Cendant are abusive. Not for the first time, I got a $10 “check” in the mail apparently from Budget Rent A Car. In the fine print on the check it mentions that cashing will activate a […]

Sage advice for the day

Via Scott Loftesness, William Safire’s advice on his ending his NYTimes columns — “When you’re through changing, you’re through.” And John Zagula had a great meeting last week with Sidney Rittenberg — “Yes, the twin brothers of viability and contribution. […]

This Weekend's Wisdom

Via Winds of Change, The Lessons of Noah’s Ark. And from my Dad: There are only two essential tools you must have in your toolbox — wd40, and duct tape. * If it is supposed to move and it doesn’t […]

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