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Travel fridge and microwave

Need to equip a car with a mini kitchen — looking for travel appliances. Compact Appliance seems to have a ton of travel coolers but not so many microwaves. Microwaves at roadtrucker. I wonder how these work overnight when the […]

Driving Directions

I love google maps and mapquest, but if you are planning a multi-leg road trip — say for instance visiting 8 colleges and universities over 4 days — AAA triptiks are still pretty darn useful. They make it easy to […]

Best of Yakima

OK I have no idea if this is the best of Yakima but it is what I found in 4 days there: * Where to stay — we stayed in the Hojo’s, it was merely adequate. Locals tell me that […]

Keeping up with Rich

As usual Rich has been a posting machine during the last month. Some of the highlights I’ve noted: * Iceland travel. I hear they have some fantastic river rafting there. I’m ready to go. Just added to my 43places goals. […]

Cabin Life

So had to relearn a bunch of cabin life skills from my youth over the last two weeks: * Power and heat. where is the propane turn on for the cabin? for the stove? for the grill? How do I […]

Back from the dead

Back from two weeks of radio silence up on lopez island. Minor IT disasters on return — 3 power strips blown at home (can’t be a coincidence), one machine that forgot its hard disk config and was trying to boot […]


Yet again this year we purchased a license to Ridemax prior to our disneyland trip. Recommended. It is not so much the great schedules it prints out that we love — but the general data on ride wait times at […]

Lopez Island Visit

Spent a couple nice days there this week. Great weather. Here are some essential links: * Getting there. WSDOT Ferry schedules — read the footnotes carefully as there are a lot of intricacies in Lopez service. If you don’t need […]

Prescott, Arizona

After my forays this winter to Duluth and el paso, I wasn’t expecting much from the next stop in my tour of minor american cities — prescott, arizona. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! Prescott is a gem. High desert country […]

Impressions of El Paso and Juarez

* El paso was dusty, hot, and windy. So brown compared to seattle. * Stayed at a decent hotel in downtown el paso — the camino real. An oasis of higher income activity in the downtown. * Downtown lively in […]

Exclusive Resorts

For some reason my site is the top google listing for exclusive resorts, based on a simple old posting I did. Unclear why. I recently refreshed the posting to have the correct url, after being contacted by one of the […]

Property in San Juans

Continuing to look at vaca property in the area — Sam Hobson pointed me towards this great tool — San Juan County Assessor – Real Property Search — the interactive map is really great. Very helpful.

Vaca Property

Spent some time this weekend looking at vaca property — goal is something a) on the ocean, b) rustic area, c) within a couple hours driving of seattle so that we will really use it and we can transport the […]

Wow have things changed

You leave the country for 5 weeks and everything is turned upside down when you return. We have a new nickel. A new coke. And our trash collection day has been moved to Wednesday. It’s like coming back to a […]

Euro Vaca 2nd Half Hilites

OK here are some of the highlights from the remainder of our trip: * Isola bella on lake maggiore. Previously blogged. Beautiful and the lake seems way cleaner than lake como. If we went back to this part of the […]

Isola Bella in Lake Maggiore

We visited the gardens and estate on Isola Bella today. Stunning! I was not very impressed with the Lakes District at the start of the day but I was so won over. The estate and gardens here were stunning, more […]

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