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Ohio State deserves to lose to USC?

Ohio State deserves to lose to USC? – USC – OCRegister.com — the OC Register columnists and bloggers are pretty inflamatory. Here’s hoping they are crying in their beers Saturday night. On this particular point, Ohio State supports 35 varsity […]

OSU-USC rivalry goes deeper than football

Why not save the schadenfreude for Michigan? The obvious answer, understood by anyone who was around during the 1970s, is that USC broke more OSU hearts than anyone not named Schembechler. Three times during that decade, Ohio State lost a […]

Today's abuse of OSU foes

Trojans have a little problem – Los Angeles Times.  Apparently jock itch running rampant thru the Trojan camp. Detroit sucks so much that even the dead are leaving.  Wow.

Ohio State Historical Results

BuckeyeXtra – The Columbus Dispatch : Ohio State football results. — nice new service from the Dispatch.  9-11-1 against USC all time, 0-5 in last 5 games.  Let’s hope Tressel can reverse this trend as he has reversed others

OSU v USC, early thoughts

Getting geared up for this game already. A classic for so many reasons. First of all, a great personal history with the Buckeyes — been at their games since I was a kid, we are alums, my father played for […]

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