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Odd/interesting college football numbers

* Michigan is a “25 point favorite”:http://www.vegasinsider.com/college-football/odds/las-vegas/ over Bowling Green this weekend. Really? Did anyone watch Michigan give up 37 to UMass? Not a betting man but tempted to start. * Ohio State ranked “11th by Sagarin for purposes of […]

4.5 weeks to kickoff! Go Bucks!

Wow, August is upon us, only 4.5 weeks to “OSU’s kickoff with Marshall”:http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/sports/stories/2010/08/01/cfbx01-gi89c2m8-1.html?sid=101. Super excited about the prospects for this year’s OSU team. An experienced offensive backfield and line, a beastly-looking defensive line, and great talent in most other areas. […]

USC Lacrosse season kickoff

“USC Lacrosse”:http://www.usclacrosse.com/ kicks off the season this weekend, Sunday 11am home against UNLV (“complete schedule”:http://www.usclacrosse.com/schedule). “Roster up here as well”:http://www.usclacrosse.com/roster. Next weekend in Seattle, yay, to take on some Northwest opponents. Fight On!

USC 2010 LAX schedule

The USC 2010 LAX schedule “is released”:http://www.usclacrosse.com/news/2010-schedule-released, available up at the “MCLA website”:http://mcla.us/teams/usc/2010/. Trip to Seattle the weekend of 2/13, get your tickets now!

Another great Buckeye season

While this weekend’s victory over Michigan was not one for the ages, it does cap another great Buckeye season. Undisputed Big10 champs, 5 straight Big10 titles, Rose Bowl trip, 5th straight BCS bowl, 6th straight victory over Michigan, undefeated November […]

Perfect Day Pictures

Nice collection of pictures summarizing the day at Buckeye Battle Cry. And USC wins tonight so that is good as well. Nice to see the Buckeyes play well in an important game, good to start getting that monkey off their […]

I don't get the USC community analysis of the UW loss

Here’s a typical blog posting from the “USC community”:http://www.conquestchronicles.com/2009/9/20/1045207/play-calling-is-overrated. Whacking on Corp for Saturday’s loss. All the blogs repeat this theme as do the press like the OC Register. And I saw quotes from Pete basically throwing Corp under the […]

Matt Barkley is a tool

OK OK, Pryor has made some ill-considered comments this week, but he is not alone. MOTSAG has these choice words from Matt Barkley: Among other things, Barkley was asked by a reporter on the field what he had learned about […]

Today's USC reading

* “It is my bet you will see a physically dominant performance by Jeff Byers and his crew, and they will lead USC to a lopsided USC win.” via WeAreSC.com – Hogue Report: SJSU edition * “Song Girl Monday”:http://www.trojanwire.com/football/song-girl-monday-9709.php. Why […]

It's USC Week!

Oh boy. Here is your reading list — know your enemy! * “LA Times”:http://www.latimes.com/sports/college/usc/. * “OC Register”:http://www.ocregister.com/ocregister/sections/sports/usc/ and “its USC blog”:http://usc.freedomblogging.com/ * “TrojanWire”:http://www.trojanwire.com/. Another usc blog * “Reggie Bush’s Twitter Feed”:http://twitter.com/reggie_bush. Just to annoy you. * “Pete’s website”:http://www.petecarroll.com/ to further […]

Less than a month to kickoff!

Preseason coaches poll is out, OSU at 6th, SC at 4th. Man I am fired up for the opener against Navy in less than a month, and for the SC rematch. Other teams and stories I’m excited about: * Michigan. […]

Gearing up for football…

CFN’s Big Ten Preview is up. OSU gets the requisite amount of love. Though OSU needs some defensive players to surprise to achieve the promise of the team. OSU picked to finish first at Media Day. Here are my hopes […]

USC 35, OSU 3

Sigh. USC is a great team, there was probably no way OSU was winning this game. The turning point was in the 2nd quarter when OSU penalized themselves out of a score. Things just got worse. You have to pin […]

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