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Center for Public Integrity

Found this in my visitor logs — The Center for Public Integrity. Lots of good sunlight on government practices up here — for instance this article on the quasi-VC fund run by the FCC.

Orrin Hatch's comments

Orrin is clearly off the deep end here — I have to agree with the opinions expressed at Moore’s Lore, Orrin’s support for destroying property to protect copyrights is nearly criminal.

No WMDs?

Everyone seems upset that we’ve found no WMDs — for instance — Philip Greenspun points to some UK news. Seems to me our government set too tight a definition for WMDs. Didn’t September 11 demonstrate that the worst WMDs by […]

Switch to DST sucks.

The switch to Daylight Saving Time sucks. Losing an hour on a Sunday is no fun. C had a great point — why doesn’t the switch happen on a monday late morning or early afternoon? Would any of us regret […]

Iraq Techie Details

Iraq Techie Details. I think Tong must be the best web searcher on the planet — a great set of links for tech details of the war — Tong Family Blog: Techie Details

Online Federal Tax payment. Tong

Online Federal Tax payment. Tong points towards this site as the new age way to pay your taxes. But what is with the big disclaimer to not bookmark the site???? Are we supposed to remember this URL by heart? If […]

National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace

National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace. Finally read this over the weekend. One glaring hole I saw was the lack of treatment of vendors of cyberspace equipment as a class separate from enterprises/businesses. A motivating example: I have, on my Windows […]

How Others See Us

The World’s View of America. This looks like an interesting read — Granta: Granta 77: What We Think of America. What I’d really love to find tho is a collection of high school history/social studies text books from around the […]

Baruch Lev's testimony to Congress

Baruch Lev’s testimony to Congress A worthwhile read about corporate accounting and auditing, presented to Congress recently as part of Enron hearings. Per Baruch, our financial reporting is too narrow, our auditing is too cozy, and our enforcement is too […]

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