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Marginal Revolution: No More Making Fun of Canadian Money. Wow. The world has voted on the US economy and government policies.

US no longer technology king

BBC NEWS | Business | US ‘no longer technology king’ … and the new king is … Denmark??? I can accept the US losing its lead but…Denmark??? Did Bluetooth wipe out the Internet when I wasn’t looking?

Driving Directions

I love google maps and mapquest, but if you are planning a multi-leg road trip — say for instance visiting 8 colleges and universities over 4 days — AAA triptiks are still pretty darn useful. They make it easy to […]

Energy Policy

* Tom Evslin nicely makes the case for at least thinking about nuclear. hear hear. * Martin on legislative efforts here in WA to encourage renewable fuels, and on the coming wave of diesel car choices * Also congrats to […]

Teach for America

Good article about Teach for America in nyt this weekend. I didn’t know anything about the program. Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding recent college graduates of all academic majors who commit two years to teach in […]

Helping Hurricane Victims

I sure hope that all the bloggers, who have so much time and energy to blast the emergency preparedness and emergency response of our various levels of government, have spent just as much time and energy actually trying to help […]

Catching up with Martin

Catching up with all of Martin’s postings: * Responding to the negative energy balance FUD around biodiesel — good stuff * Seattle leading way to embrace Kyoto — great news. I think we’re way behind in fully embracing eco-friendly industrial […]

Tom Evslin on Nuclear Power

Tom takes a break from his excellent series of posts on VOIP to advocate for nuclear power. Certainly my feeling as well, especially after reading The Bottomless Well. We have the opportunity to make a significant switch away from fossil […]

FBI computer systems

When I first read last week about the problems with the FBI computer system overhaul, I was pissed at our government. $170M wasted, now another $2M to consultants to figure out why. What waste — and in an important system. […]

Impressions of Duluth

Landed in Duluth at 9pm Saturday. Temperature on the ground: -20 degrees F. Airport has one ticket counter, a handful of gates, and a luggage carousel the size of a small bedroom. Hey, everyone here sounds like Frances McDormand in […]

Holiday Giving 2004

This holiday season, we particularly wanted to help out the families of servicemen and servicewomen who have made or are making significant sacrifices for all of us. We gave to three organizations: * Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund — “The Fund […]

The depressing thing about this election…

…is not the presidential results. I am sure the country will muddle through whoever is inhabiting that office. The thing that is of most local, immediate importance to me is the failure of I-884, the education funding initiative. I’m suprised […]

Teachers' preference for private schools

Winds of Change.NET: Watch the Teachers’ Feet “[American] public school teachers are almost twice as likely as other parents to choose private schools for their own children, the study by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute found. More than 1 in […]

The Dairy Lobby

Good article on the dairy lobby. Interesting (in a sad way) how money influences our government’s dietary recommendations.

AAA road service

34 miles into our drive to LA and we hit a big whomping chunk of metal in the road — and there goes a tire. Could have been worse — we were right at the Federal Way exit; later in […]

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