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Two thoughts spurred by FiveThirtyEight

* “FiveThirtyEight”:http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/ and other election watchers have made it crystal clear that candidate attention has moved entirely to swing states — and increasingly swing counties and swing demographics within those states. You have to believe this trend will continue, and […]

Why I don’t care about economics issues this election

I recently posted “my thoughts on the upcoming presidential election”:http://theludwigs.com/2012/10/why-i-will-vote-for-obama-in-the-presidential-election/, and a couple people mentioned how concerned they were about economic issues. Hey, me too! They aren’t the most important issues for me this election, but I worry about deficits, […]

Too bad Fisker didn’t use Kickstarter

So a longish time ago I got all excited about the “Fisker Karma”:http://onward.fiskerautomotive.com/en-us/karma/overview/ and put a $1000 deposit down. Then the car was super late. And the interior was very tight. And the performance wasn’t that outstanding. And I loved […]

Is healthcare the greatest limiter on startups?

@shanselman has been sharing a lot of tweets today on the topic of healthcare and startups. For example: * https://twitter.com/lobrien/status/247408555651645440 * https://twitter.com/doozerblake/status/247407834130690048 * https://twitter.com/shanselman/status/247403381012975616 * https://twitter.com/timsonofsteve/status/247413105750077440 The shared assertion is — the lack of easily available health insurance is preventing […]

Feeling a little contrary today — Taxes, IP, Apple

“Mitt pays $3M+ in taxes a year”:http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-romney-tax-20120125,0,7825338.story — that is a s%^tload of money, whatever the rate. And people want another $3M a year out of him? When I see numbers this size, I wonder more about where it is […]

I’m in the 1% and I support the 99%

I’ve been fortunate. I had great access to education due to support from my parents, and I was lucky to be at Microsoft during a very heady period for the company. I am clearly a 1%er. And I understand that […]

Getting US Citizens Out Of Trouble

Journalists Rejoin Relieved Friends, Family in U.S. – washingtonpost.com — it is awesome that these folks have been freed, and it is generally a good thing that we have found a way to talk to North Korea and have a […]

Black-Swan Proofing, Useless Business Plans

Gleaned from the twittersphere: FT.com / Comment / Opinion – Ten principles for a Black Swan-proof world. Man some good common sense in here. Business plans a waste of time. Sounds like your typical entrepreneur would be far better off […]

Bailout Scorecard

Who is getting the bank bailout money – CNNMoney.com. Wow, $10.5Trillion so far. $35,000 from each US citizen’s pocket. To pay for years of poor decision making, greedy decision making. F%^k.

The AIG-backlash-backlash

Ben was so right | The Big Picture. The backlash against AIG bonus backlash is in full swing. I for one am glad though that the bonus issue has exploded. While the dollars involved are not material to our country, […]

Bernanke Pushes the Button | The Big Picture

Bernanke Pushes the Button | The Big Picture. “The prospect of hundreds of billions of newly minted dollars coursing through the global financial system caused currency traders to thrash the greenback by almost 3%.” ” The Fed is “now bringing […]

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