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HDMI AV receivers — Sony

I’m going to convert sometime in the next 6 months to an HDMI receiver I think — here are some Sony units — CrunchGear » Archive » Sony is adding three ES receivers to its 2008 line-up — I am […]

Comcast HD Quality Reduction

Comcast HD Quality Reduction: Details, Screenshots – AVS Forum — wow, comcast cheating on HD. add this to their “traffic shaping” and gosh they don’t seem super customer friendly

Danny doesn't really want to watch HD

Danny Glasser: The Road to HD: QAM to the rescue? — Danny is concocting the most complicated Rube Golbergian system possible to try to watch HD. Good luck! I might suggest just buying a TivoHD box and slipping a cablecard […]

Grabbag of software links

* Switch Between Your Gmail Accounts — hmm this has been an impediment to spawning more accounts * Paypal toolbar gens one-off credit card numbers — always liked the one-off credit card idea; at one point some ecommerce sites didn’t […]

Absolute Black TVs

Pioneer’s Kuro Plasma Will Deliver Absolute Black — Contrast Ratio Is ‘Officially Irrelevant’ | Gadget Lab from Wired.com — I’d like this, I hate the grayish emissions from most of my screens. Too bad for them that their black has […]

The BCS broadcast in HD last night

To my eyes, the game was actually painful to watch in HD — I was watching Q13 FOX on Comcast. You could detect noticeable interframe jitter, it was particularly noticeable when the camera panned down the field, the white yard […]

Cablecard install getting better

The last time I tried to get a cablecard installed was a disaster — A Little Ludwig Goes A Long Way: Comcast Cablecard Install. Things have gotten a lot better. I recently installed two cablecards from Comcast in two different […]

Two Tivos in one room??

OK I have a problem. I am trying to set up two Tivo boxes in one room. Unfortunately they both respond to either remote, this is bad. I don’t want them to both change channels, both record the current program, […]

Link Grab Bag

Don’t Buy Product Warranties — no shocker here. Anything the stores are pushing that hard can’t be good for you. How higher RPM drives rip you off — some contention around this but interesting Hidden light bulb camera — cool […]

Tivo 3 Lust

Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: TiVo Nirvana Has Arrived, Series 3 TiVo Available Now $799 — I’d be all over this if it wasn’t the middle of football season. I can’t upset my HD setup right now because I am dependent […]

Video iPod; Media Center iMac

I’m sure I’ll get one of both, but I have to agree — I have to have HD downloads or I won’t bother with the video service.  And I don’t have a subway ride to allow me to watch videos (though […]

Fall TV Plans

Cleaned out all my old Tivo season passes over the weekend and set up my new plan for this fall. Here’s the lineup: * Monday: Prison Break, Medium, Weeds. Medium is a holdover from last year. Prison Break is a […]

Mosaics of TV Screens

From the WSJ and other press, discussion of the mosaic feature coming to our TV screens — watch 8 football games at once. I think this is just brilliant. Football fans will pay for this. And further keeps the DSL […]

TV-attached platforms

* Flickr viewer for XBOX media center * Tivo annunces developer challenge winners. Still a young market, but it seems like over the next 2-3 years every TV is going to have some sort of platform box attached, and there […]

Interesting TV Trends 4/25

* The rise of developer communities targetting the hometheater experience is interesting, something I’m fascinated by. For example, this itunes plugin for tivo. Tivo2 and Windows Media Center Edition are fighting neck and neck for plugins and addons; the Mac […]

TV doings 2/28

* Very excited about centerstage as the media center UI for my mac mini. One of the missing components that this machine needs to be the perfect hometheater pc. * Rich wonders why people aren’t using notebooks as hometheater pcs. […]

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