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Impressions from 3 Days in Denver

So our first trip ever to Denver for 3 days of shopping and household set up. A whirlwind trip. I’m struggling to synthesize Denver. It is different than I expected, feels much more like the midwest or Texas than the […]

Gadget packing

A sad fact of modern life. When I pack for a trip these days, my packing planning and time is dominated by gadget packing. Just carrying the gadgets isn’t that hard. MacBook, iPhone, Kindle, Canon 5d. Ok I have to […]

Luggage/parcels with Dry Ice

Rules governing up at NWA, Hawaiian Air, UPS. Not that complicated as long as you stay under 2 kilos of dry ice. And you want some sort of insulated box, Washington Packaging has one type of box.

Airport Info

Was just wondering about airport facilities in some minor markets and came across AirNav — useful airport info, more than I needed


Welcome to BostonCoach — ok this is not the cheapest way to get around, but Buston Coach has been rock-solid for us over the last several years. The service has been flawless — always arriving on time, always courteous, scheduleable […]

Price discrimination by search type

Clever bastards — Ross Parker has discovered that on at least one website prices differ depending on how you ask your search to be ordered. In particular, if you ask for prices to be listed from lowest to highest you […]

Dream Trip to Chile

Haven’t had much opportunity to travel in the last year but hopefully will get the chance to do so. In the meantime there are some trips I am dying to take and I might as well collect all the links […]

Driving Directions

I love google maps and mapquest, but if you are planning a multi-leg road trip — say for instance visiting 8 colleges and universities over 4 days — AAA triptiks are still pretty darn useful. They make it easy to […]

Ignition Blog Roundup 9/26

* Phil thinks it would be great to listen to podcasts on his cellphone. Totally agree. I would listen to like 10x as many if I could use the cell. * Phil talks about Jobster’s culture and how they encourage […]

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