Stuff I Want But Don't Need

* Have to lead today’s list with the iphone. My lizard brain wants one. The rest of me has no idea why. I’m going to attempt to hold off until V2.
* Toolmonger ? Blog Archive ? Magnogrip Magnetic Wrist Band — wow this actually seems super useful.
* Nike floor hockey cleaning concept
* PuchiPuchi bubble wrap toy. Can you imagine having one of these on an airplane?
* Rich and Bob’s advice for lens cleaning tools.
* Phoneflasher. Not sure I can pull this off.
* Magnatag whiteboards. These appeal deeply to me tho I have no specific need. Maybe I can use one to manage my halloween efforts?

More stuff I don't need but want

* The Kwikset Smartscan. Ok I am not sure I really want this. What I’d really like is a lock that could be programmed to respond to my car’s fob. I have to carry the car thing around anyway, why can’t it open my house too? I don’t want my thumb to be the identifying device, I don’t want to encourage anyone to chop off my thumb.
* Crystal Weather Station. Looks cool. Why not available in US?
* Another doohickey to let you use your dremel — this time as a plunge router
* A Drobo storage robot. Sounds way cooler than “hard drive enclosure”
* Ceramic Jellyfish — awesome looking

Stuff I Want But Don't Need

* Grizzly Drill-Powered Hobby Lathe — another clever way to reuse a power drill. Not sure how large a part you could really fabricate on this but still. Oh and here is a hand’s-on review
* Alpine’s latest car deck — i love the crazy looks of high end car decks tho I have never purchased one…
* The LED Jellyfish Aquarium
* Universal Key Fob — just a concept but man do I want this
* TEAC Bone Conduction phones — because they look cool
* Generally I find USB hubs to be disasters but this one is awesome looking

Products I Want But Do Not Need

* Cymat: Home — metallic foams. Because they just look cool. The resin coated version would be a cool desktop.
* Intensity vacuum. The folding-up-ness is nice.
* Kraft paper sofas. Because no one else will have one. Oh and their felt rocks look cool.
* Floating Jellyfish pool lights
* Highgear adventureplus — all the cool campers will snicker at you
* A finger skateboard game. just strange.
* Wallet optimized for cards. Why more of these don’t exist puzzles me.
* Non contact infrared thermometer. Seems like a totally useless gadget to me. Will go in the drawer with my stud finders.
* Rich on HD camcorders. OK I really need one of these. Really.
* Clamp multimeter. nothing unique here, I just like these.

Products I Want but Do Not Need

* Toolmonger ? Blog Archive ? Dremel’s Workstation: A Micro Drill Press For $40 — this actually seems like a pretty cool way to get more out of a dremel
* Active Crystals — you can never have enough Swarovski.
* Load-thing — cool looking but is this really a problem?
* Another USB turntable and high torque so you can really drag the needle thru the vinyl
* Belkin grommet shaped usb hubs — this actually seems somewhat brilliant.
* Diamond-tipped screwdriver bits
* Bosch miter saw — this thing seems to have infinite degrees of freedom
* and a howto for making your own plastic vacuum former

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