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Stuff I Want But Don't Need

* Toolmonger » Blog Archive » Meet Rockwell’s Jawhorse — I have a thing for portable work benches and their ilk * Borosilicate Tea Kettle — just because I like saying it, “could you please hand me my borosilicate tea […]

Exhaust Air Jack

Exhaust Air Jack » Coolest Gadgets — wow I would never get under a car using one of these, i prefer nice solid steel supporting my car, not a puncturable/leakable balloon.

Cutting things

* What is Craft ROBO? :Craft ROBO-GRAPHTEC — cutting paper and other sheets. cool. * Ponoko puzzles. love the idea of ponoko * Book cutting. Huh. Didn’t know about this form of art. Very cool.

Simple but useful tools

* Toolmonger ? Blog Archive ? All Tied Up With Flat Twine — more useful than tape in a lot of cases * Nylon Pry Set — excellent idea * SATA to USB adapter — will save your bacon when […]

Stuff I want but don't need — grabbag

* The Gadgets Weblog: Wacom Bamboo Fun — I’ve always wanted a tablet. * Painter’s Pyramid — actually seem highly useful * 160Megapixel camera — on the road to gigapixel cameras * Sandisk TakeTV. this keeps calling out to me […]

More stuff I don't need but want

* NITON XRF Analyzers for Toys & Consumer Goods — I saw this on a news program, testing toys for lead. totally cool. $1000 to rent for a week so probably ridiculously expensive. * iStraw — well we just had […]

More stuff I don't need but want

* No-staple stapler is better for the environment (and looks cool) — I hate freaking staples. This looks useful and cheap * B&W Zeppelin iPod speaker system. I would probably never actually buy this but it looks wicked. * Powerkayak. […]

Stuff I Want But Do Not Need

* French Ranges – Lacanche Stoves — beautiful ranges * Pioneer music tap — in the sonos, slimdevice space * d3o shock responding polymer — absolutely no need for this but it is cool * Van Hoy Snap Lock Knife […]

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