Stuff I Want But Don't Need — Surround projector TV, Multitool, Power monitor

* Mitsubishi Ultra Thin Frame Premium Flat Panel TV with Integrated Sound Projector » Coolest Gadgets — cool. I have a discrete sound projector in one room and have been happy with. this is a great way to get surround sound with minimal fuss.
* At the other end of the price spectrum, the Li’l Guppie Multi-tool. I am not sure I actually get much value out of multi-tools but they look cool.
* Realtime power use monitor — this actually seems pretty useful.

Stuff I Wish I Had But Don't Need — Tool Edition

* Toolmonger ? Blog Archive ? Save Your Rear With LifeHammer — OK I actually got sucked into buying one of these…will I remember where it is when my car goes off the floating bridge??
* Heated Shop Floor Mat — handy when doing Halloween prep. Maybe I could combine it with this idea and it could be self-powered…
* Zibra tool to open vacuum formed plastics — OK I got one of these too and it is pretty awesome
* Hammer Stapler — not sure I do that much stapling but maybe I’d do more with this
* Sideways drill bit — OK I really can’t picture how this works, but it seems like an obviously good thing

More stuff I don't need but want

* NITON XRF Analyzers for Toys & Consumer Goods — I saw this on a news program, testing toys for lead. totally cool. $1000 to rent for a week so probably ridiculously expensive.
* iStraw — well we just had a case of giardia in the extended family so this looks pretty good
* Urwerk Watch — another stupidly priced watch but awesome
* Electric bike. Absolutely no need for this.
* Two dimensional kid popup. This is a little disturbing for some reason.
* Pie slice ejector. I only need this about once a year, but when you need it, you need it.
* Hand made knives and tools. I’m not sure how functional, but they are cool
* Puke inducing flashlight. A thousand and one uses.
* Your Personal Moon.

More stuff I don't need but want

* No-staple stapler is better for the environment (and looks cool) — I hate freaking staples. This looks useful and cheap
* B&W Zeppelin iPod speaker system. I would probably never actually buy this but it looks wicked.
* Powerkayak. Take a nice ecofriendly sport like kayaking, and jam some gas-consuming horsepower onto it! Wonderful!
* Tancher wrist beacon. I think this is just a concept but looks cool and is lifesaving
* Credit Card multitool. This would be super useful. TSA approved?
* Another HD hard disk videocam. Decent reviews.
* Digium asterisk appliance. Now if it would just use my cell service as the outbound line…
* A bunch of awesome watches all with a black theme.
* Emergency food supply
* Edge Brownie Pan. OK I actually got one of these. It works great — the fins really help with heat distribution.