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Broadband to the home

Broadband to the home We are thinking about some business opportunities in the home networking space. I’d love to hear from you all about your needs and problems. Some questions I have: – Do you have a cablemodem or dsl […]

MP3 Receivers

MP3 Receivers My friends Sam and Brad are playing around with the SliMP3 receiver. Ripping all their CDs to a server in their house and then streaming the songs out to this receiver elsewhere in the house. A bleeding edge […]

CD Sharing Software

CD Sharing Software One great use for a cheap NAS that Rich has been talking about creating is to create a virtual CD Jukebox. I wonder how well this software works. Update — a better list of potential software up […]

Gaming PCs.

Gaming PCs. I am getting ready to start spec’ing out and building my next PC. I am starting to collect inspiration — the alienware site has some cool machines but I fear I want more. Tech Junkie also seems like […]

Some current tech topics

Some current tech topics My buddy Rich has a lot of great info up on his weblog about a variety of topics. Recently he and I have been captivated with low cost storage systems. He’s figured out the way to […]

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks A great article on another recent attack. A sidebar — if you all have recent Windows machines (Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP), you should all be running windows update periodically to ensure […]

Alterna Blog

Alterna Blog So I am playing around with a new toy, Radio, created by Userland Software. I don’t grok it fully yet but it has some interesting features. For those of you who are really into blogs and web services […]

Back Live

Back Live Whew the server is back live. Had some problems which I hopefully cleaned up. Mostly stupid configuration problems on my part. Actually take one part general insecurity of the internet, one part windows nt security holes, one part […]


Security For a fascinating account from last year about a security attack on the internet, check out this column by Steve Gibson.


Webcam Another new toy I am playing with. You can check out the view from our back upstairs deck by clicking on the Webcam link at left. I only update this picture once a day at 10am currently. i am […]


Pictures I am trying out some simple picture posting ideas. You’ll see on the left some links to photos. These are stored up on Shutterfly as we use that as a photo printing service. You can actually print photos from […]

Busy Weekend!

Busy Weekend! On Friday, I finally joined the ACLU and the EFF after years of claiming I was going to. I am all for tracking down terrorists and bringing them to justice, but in our zeal to do so, I […]

This Day In History

This Day In History First of all, when it comes to doughnuts, we’re #1! I hope the weather doesn’t prevent us from consuming even more doughnuts. More importantly, let’s wish the microprocessor a happy birthday. In one form or another […]


Weblogs Perhaps the best way to build a personal website these days is as a weblog, or blog for short. This site is an example — your typical blog is a set of short notes posted in chronological order, most […]

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