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More on Light Bulbs

I got a couple questions about my post on LED lightbulbs. While the LED bulbs are not ready for primetime, I have had good luck with these compact fluorescents from HDb. They fit a standard socket and provide a very […]

LED lightbulbs

I am a big fan of non-incandescent light bulbs — I am moving the whole house slowly to lower power/lower heat alternatives. I found these LED bulbs recently and tried a couple. Not ready for primetime. Light is too directional, […]

Fixing my avalanche blind spot

My Chevy Avalanche has a blind spot in which you can hide Mount Rainer, it is just huge. Backing up has always terrified me as I could easily be running over a child, a horse, a small car, and I’d […]

What's in my gearbag

Motivated to post this by someone who saw my gear bag and asked where to get one. I carry a bag from Duluth Trading — designed for tools but I use for carrying around all my gear. (I use them […]

Going all voip at home

Rich is looking at solutions to go all voip at home. Rich some things to look at: * Mega list of sip products up at pulver.com * Another at Sipcenter * open source pbx — asterisk The problem I struggle […]

Semi-random stuff on the net

* S5 continues to improve — I love the idea of this, a completely hosted presentation app. I never know which machine I am using has which document, this would solve that for me. * What’s your phishing IQ — […]

Microsoft/Comcast/Moto HDTV PVR

OK the comcast dude dropped by and installed today. (A moment of hilarity as he insisted checking to see if my cable was properly grounded or not — a 10 minute tour of my wiring closet with both DirecTV and […]

Latest for the iPod platform

* Will the iPod be the reason that cars finally get aux audio jacks or the equivalent open interface to their audio systems? The Monster iCruze looks like a good start. * The Griffin iPod voice recorder. I’ve liked everything […]

Interesting net reading

* Reputation Services — second interesting conversation in a week that I’ve seen/had on this topic. Hmm. * Peer to peer alarm systems. Fascinating — embedding of peer to peer functionality in everyday systems. * Mark Cuban on the music […]

Comcast/Microsoft service

OK the box is coming to my house next thursday…again per someone who should know — “Call 1-800-COMCAST and order their dual-tuner DVR box. It comes with 120GB harddrive and has both HD and DVR integrated. It’ll cost you an […]

I'm feeling behind

I can’t get fiber service to my house unlike some people. I don’t have an HDTV DVR (though I do have HDTV). None of my PCs are watercooled. I am not currently using a cameraphone. I fear that I am […]

Cabling a new house

So my dad is building a house and wants some advice on cabling — what should he run, what topology. He is building from scratch, all the walls will be open, so he can do whatever he wants. So based […]

It's a Google Google Google Google World

* Both Paul Thurrott and Gadgetopia point towards the Gmail shell extension for Windows * Via engadget, Google SMS launches * Of course, the Google desktop launched and Jon Udell has found ways to let it search firefox history Like […]

It's an iPod world

* Apple’s latest results — when will they rename the mac to be be the…macpod? epod? deskpod? * Podcasting tutorial — seems like podcasting may blow away all the other internet streaming audio services * iPodder 1.0 released * an […]

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