Sonics. Went to my first Sonics game last night. The Sonics look fun this year — youthful, high energy, dangerous at every position. The Jazz meanwhile managed to look both old (Stockton, Malone) and green (the rest of the team).

Sports Update

Sports Update. Overlake Gold soccer team tied Snohomish Country Christian 1-1 last night — and had way more shots on goal. Forest Ridge Varsity Volleyball team defeated Archbishop Murphy 3-1 last night and it could have been a lot worse, Forest Ridge was dominant. Wow, sports in a metropolitan private school league are draining — you get to drive all over the city between 3 and 7pm, the worst possible time to be on I-5 and I-405.

College Football RSS Feed

College Football RSS Feed. Was contacted by Andrew Koper — a michigan fan, boo — looking for a college football rankings rss feed. A great idea, i’d include on my page. Google and Syndic8 don’t seem to turn anything up. The feed only changes once a week, it would be easy to handcraft one. I might do so this weekend…

Seattle Sports

Seattle Sports. Man it seems like a bad time to be a fan in this town. Mariners are fun but can’t quite get over the top, and my understanding of the new labor deal is that the Mariners will need to give up cash to others, thereby affecting Mariners competitiveness over the next 5 years. The Sonics seem unable to get or retain top talent, and the current management has a history of less-than-great deals. I have a hard time getting excited about the Seahawks, Holmgren just seems like a poseur to me. My favorite college sport, basketball, is not a game the Huskies excel at, and there is no arena in town that is large enough to host anything but first-round NCAA games. The football Huskies are a bright spot, tho last weekend was painful. But I am not feeling generally optimistic.

Volleyball Season Finale

Volleyball Season Finale

Well L’s volleyball season ended today at the district tournaments in Edmonds. This was the first time that Forest Ridge had ever made it to the district tournaments and they faced a set of very tough teams. In their first match they lost to Orcas Island High School in a hard fought match. In their second match they were eliminated by LaConner High School.

It was a great experience for the team. They experienced the atmosphere and intensity of the district tournament for the first time. Despite losing, they all had a great time and felt great about their day. L’s team is made up predominantly of juniors so they fully expect to be back at the districts next year.

Volleyball Update Alright! Forest Ridge

Volleyball Update

Alright! Forest Ridge won the playoff game friday night to determine the sole champion of the Emerald City league. It was a hard fought match — U Prep won the first game 15-13. Forest Ridge the second 15-13. In the third, Forest Ridge went up 14-3, but U-Prep wouldn’t quit and fought back to 14-12 before Forest Ridge closed them out. A thrilling match.

As a result, Forest Ridge gets a bye through the Emerald City Tournament and the first round of district tournaments. Their next match is this coming Saturday at the district tournaments in Edmunds.