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Troy Smith's journey

Great article about Troy here via The Silver Bullet. Great to see Troy getting some traction at the next level, the guy is one of the greatest Buckeyes ever

NCAA APR — Another Preposterous Requirement

SportingNews.com – Your expert source for NCAA Football stats, scores, standings, and blogs from NCAA Football columnists Rather than some sort of conspiracy, the APR and its sanctioned, slow strangulation of smaller schools unable to pay for massive academic support […]

OSU v USC, early thoughts

Getting geared up for this game already. A classic for so many reasons. First of all, a great personal history with the Buckeyes — been at their games since I was a kid, we are alums, my father played for […]

The NBA Jumps the Shark

From Five Tool Tool – The Sports Blog That Loves You Back: And the Association Sticks the Landing! – The Sports Blog That Loves You Back: How can you tell when a sports league has jumped the shark? It lands […]

Exploitation of college athletes

Sunday Morning Quarterback :: Return of the Exploitation Index — great analysis of the economics around college football. Institutions and the adults involved continue to reap huge dollars off the backs of the players. Ridiculous that it is not shared […]

Sports are interesting

Professional Sports Is Very Interesting | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source — “Each and every victory of a team full of people I’ll never meet over another team full of people I’ll never meet is a complex web […]

Students and Beer

Football game days tops for drinking among college students– shocking! Students drink more beer on football game days, which also happen to be Saturdays generally.

This isn't football, this is basketball

And sloppy basketball at that. NCAA Football Team Stats – CBSSports.com — almost 1300 yards of offense between the teams. and 5 fumbles, 2 ints in the game. 28 penalties and 328 penalty yards. Sloppy! I can’t believe in Louisville […]

Coaches Hot Seat

Coaches Hot Seat 2007 — great site, love the detailed stats. Grammar and spelling aren’t always tops but still a great resource. Michigan better start shopping…

A mixed set of lists

* The Big Picture | Cognitive Biases: A Short List — great list of the ways we screw up decisions * marca’s view on the best scifi of the decade * Larry’s recommended security blogs * EDSBS’s top 5 legends […]

Why College Football is Awesome

* College Football Forum: Florida Jab at OSU #684-#686 — Florida abuses OSU. OK this is still pretty painful, but funny. The beginnings of true hatred. * The ongoing Mustain saga — this is why SEC football is awesome. Using […]

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