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Recent software trials

* Via lockergnome, XrayPC — another useful tool for isolating spyware and other malware. Also note this review of spyware fighters. You probably should be running a couple tools on all your machines. The free tool as part of the […]

Software roundup 11/25

* Software I’ve tried — from Scoble, the cleartype tuner, I had no idea I needed this; ID3-TagIt, hugely useful for cleaning up mp3s; Hector Protector — just plain odd, MSFT clearly has too much time on its collective hands. […]

Utilities roundup

Since I can’t play Halo2 today, trying out other software: * from Gadgetopia I found Editplus. Love the integrated FTP support. * Firefox 1.0 release — irresponsibly upgrading all machines now… * Furrygoat points to the MSFT error code lookup […]

Microsoft home media software

Been a busy couple of weeks… * Comcast deploying MSFT software — how do I get on the trial? Will it work with my existing fairly new comcast pvr settop box? The comcast/moto provided software is so clunky, I would […]

firefox share goals

From Paul Thurott, the Firefox marketing team is aiming for 10% share: Bart Decrem, the marketing contact for the Mozilla Foundation, told ZDNet UK on Friday that he expects the browser’s market share to reach 10 percent by the end […]

Software roundup

* Halflife 2 coming and will require online activation — we just downloaded the new counterstrike variant with the HL2 engine — oh my god does it look gorgeous, it has toppled Far Cry as the best looking game ever […]

Interesting software this week

* WinXP Media Center 2005 unbundled — hey anyone (rich?) want to go in on a 3-pak with me? * Raymond on WMI — this scriptomatic thing sounds cool * fireFTP — an FTP plugin for Firefox * Slashdot thread […]

Firefox Extensions

OK I love the fact that there are a gazillion extensions available. But my gosh this is confusing. There is a huge need for an authoritative editorial voice and packager — someone who pulls together the bundle of extensions needed […]

Personal Productivity

I’ve wondered a little bit about what the browser should become — arguing for a more task/scenario-centric design. Rich has done some interesting thinking too — Tong Family Blog: What is Personal Productivity — a slightly more expansive view on […]


Like Rich, I am pretty enamored of Firefox right now. The community of addon developers, the ease of installing addons, tabbed browsing — great stuff. It is interesting that browser innovation has been so slow over the last 3-4 years. […]

On the malware front…

Nice summary of the places to look for malware on your system, found via Scripting News. i didn’t know about the c:\explorer.exe trick. Trojan JPEGs hit the net. The Microsoft tools for alerting and fixing this problem seem poorly implemented.


From Adam Barr’s blog: Slashdot | Microsoft Releases A New Monad Command Shell Beta. Looks kind of cool.

Utilities I'm Trying

Candy Labs – AppRocket – Download — wow, very fast. Acrobat Speedup — awesome!!! speeds up reader loading by a huge amount. Karen’s Power Tools — a whole bunch of useful toys Outlook Attachment Options — finer grained control over […]

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