Oriented Assembly of Metamaterials — Science

Oriented Assembly of Metamaterials — Stebe et al. 325 5937: 159 — Science — good article.

“Such metamaterials may, for example, be used to create cloaking devices or light-based circuits based on manipulations of local optical electric fields rather than on the flow of electrons.”

“The challenge now is to move from hit-or-miss assemblies of academic interest to the creation of technologically relevant devices that combine particle and patterned assembly via large-scale processes.”

It is this latter challenge I find most interesting.

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Molecular programming

Caltech researchers awarded $10M for molecular programming project. UW involved as well.  More info at the Molecular Programming Project:

…we will develop new computer science principles for programming information-bearing molecules like DNA and RNA to create artificial biomolecular programs of similar complexity.

…computing and decision-making will carried out by chemical processes themselves. Through the creation of molecular programming languages, theory for analyzing them, and experiments for validating them, our long-term vision is to establish “molecular programming” as a subdiscipline of computer science

Overview presentation here.

Fascinating stuff.