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Oriented Assembly of Metamaterials — Science

Oriented Assembly of Metamaterials — Stebe et al. 325 5937: 159 — Science — good article. “Such metamaterials may, for example, be used to create cloaking devices or light-based circuits based on manipulations of local optical electric fields rather than […]

Tensors and Index Notation

A couple of good primers out on the net: * A Primer on Index Notation from Colorado Civil Engineering. Practical intro to index notation * A Primer on Index Notation from MIT. A little more theoretical and discussion of use […]

Molecular programming

Caltech researchers awarded $10M for molecular programming project. UW involved as well.  More info at the Molecular Programming Project: …we will develop new computer science principles for programming information-bearing molecules like DNA and RNA to create artificial biomolecular programs of […]

Materials science — circuits in everything

Flexible CNT circuits move on – nanotechweb.org.  Just one of many efforts to implant circuits onto papers, plastics, etc.  We are going to have processing power embedded in pretty much everything. Work on nanonet circuits — ok this stuff is […]

Fun materials reads

* Nanoglassblowing — new ways of creating nanofluidic elements * Insights into hidden world of protein folding — new insights into just how proteins fold, in some cases inside the chamber of something not unlike an engine. fascinating * IBM […]

Bottoms up assembly of nanowire devices

Nanowire arrays think big – nanotechweb.org — bottoms up, “organic” assembly of nanowires. Some technique like this is going to be necessary for nanowire devices. And solving the general problem of bottoms up chip assembly seems pretty high value.

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