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Chicken Wire Ghost

Easy, Do-It-Yourself Ghost : Wacky Archives — nice. I don’t know that I have the viewing distance in my yard to make this effective. But not a hard thing to try out.

Stuff I want but don't need — grabbag

* The Gadgets Weblog: Wacom Bamboo Fun — I’ve always wanted a tablet. * Painter’s Pyramid — actually seem highly useful * 160Megapixel camera — on the road to gigapixel cameras * Sandisk TakeTV. this keeps calling out to me […]

Mirror fun

* ImaginEERIEing : Mirror — I’ve mentioned this one before, really need to find time to build one of these. next year… * Just a concept — manipulatable mirror

Halloween mausoleum

May build a little mausoleum for this halloween. Some motivating pictures: * Palm_Cemetery_in_Winter_Park,_FL_-_Creepy_Mausoleum.jpg (JPEG Image, 1797×1188 pixels) – Scaled (60%) * Stengel * Buhne * Hierapolis * Collier Crypt Oh and here someone else built one — Someone else’s halloween […]

Halloween props

* Outdoor Garden Statues – Decor — some resin statuary up here that would be good in a graveyard setting * Inflatable Hearse — a little too cheesy maybe. but cool. * MAKE special halloween edition — ordered * Servo-Center. […]

Halloween 07 planning

Geez it is may and I haven’t done crap for Halloween planning. The time to buy parts and build is rapidly approaching. Monster Guts sent me nice reminder spam, I might try some pressure mats this year.

Halloween shopping

* Monster Guts — some nice things in here, i need to look at the iogeek product a little more * Battery operated candles — these seem a little pricey, i suspect you could buy some of the flicker led […]

Foam coffin plans

Spooky Blue’s Halloween Home Made Coffin — there are more efficient plans for creating a coffin out of a single sheet, but the exterior detailing on this project is nice.

Magic Mirror

Pretty cool — Magic Message Mirror -Themeaddicts Inc. — for halloween purposes I’d like a slightly ghastlier visage. But nice work.

Halloween 2006 Status — Pneumatics

I’m feeling pretty good about pneumatics for this halloween. My primary use is for a creature crate. This is working really well, money well spent as I don’t think I could have created anything as durable as this. I’ve “retired” […]

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