Products I Want but Do Not Need

* Toolmonger ? Blog Archive ? Dremel’s Workstation: A Micro Drill Press For $40 — this actually seems like a pretty cool way to get more out of a dremel
* Active Crystals — you can never have enough Swarovski.
* Load-thing — cool looking but is this really a problem?
* Another USB turntable and high torque so you can really drag the needle thru the vinyl
* Belkin grommet shaped usb hubs — this actually seems somewhat brilliant.
* Diamond-tipped screwdriver bits
* Bosch miter saw — this thing seems to have infinite degrees of freedom
* and a howto for making your own plastic vacuum former

Products I Want But Do Not Need

* Kant Slam — Stop Annoying Slamming Of Doors And Gates — OK this seems pretty useful
* Arctic Cat biodiesel ATV via Martin — I have absolutely nowhere to use this
* Venerable Bead Pendants — I’m a sucker for all things glass
* HomeJoule — if I lived in NYC this’d be cool
* Pocket Hole Joinery Made Easy — I’m not much of a woodworker
* Really big duct tape — this is my kind of tool
* Socket wrenches with universal joints – the joint thingy seems pretty useful.
* luggable shopvac. who doesn’t love shopvacs.
* Chain mail gloves — chain mail still has a purpose in 2007
* Garden Rock cum Spotlight — and who doesn’t need more things embedded in rocks.
* Swiss Bikeboard — looks like huge fun
* azimuth watches — awesome looking.
* Relativity Watch — I had a Goofy watch that ran backwards as a kid and loved it.
* Gelaskins ipod skins — better looking than your standard skin

Products I Want But Do Not Need

* circle fire pc multimedia bay — awesome, turn my office into a disco
* self rewinding pneuma hose reel — another one i could actually use, at halloween time my garage is a mess of pneuma hoses
* the worst flashlight ever to take to a hotel room
* Wi-spy spectrum analyzer
* pico projector not available yet but awesomely small.
* Bosch impacter — another thing I actually could use
* Bloomframe — the window that turns into a balcony. Just because.
* usb ipod mixer — another just because. i am not actually sure what all this thing does.
* The viewtainer — stupid name but useful actually
* hdmi switch — another one i bet i could actually use

More stuff I don't need but want

* Audio-Technica AT-LP2Da : LP-to-Digital Recording System — rip your LPs. I don’t have many LPs left tho…
* WiFi blocking paint — though I might really like WiFi enhancing paint
* Beam compass heads — OK i could actually use these and at $15 not an unreasonable buy
* The trixbox — overkill for the home but I am still enamored of
* Tool silverware
* Super Tiny Indoor RC Plane
* $50 compound mitre saw. OK I could really use this too.

More stuff I don't need but want

* Toolmonger Finds: Snap-on’s New Micro Pneumatics — small pneumatic tools.
* Yoggie, the miniature security appliance. Not sure why, it is just cool.
* A bookshelf made of…books.. Wonderfully recursive.
* The linksys kiss. Kind of a dvd player but with some media extender wireless goo whacked on the side. I wonder if 3 years from now anyone will still have a vanilla dvd player — i wonder if we won’t all have various combo devices (game consoles, media extenders, etc) instead.
* Unbreakable screwdrivers
* Wood case computers and peripherals — Suissacomputers, Woodcontour. Probably a really bad idea but cool.

More Products I Don't Need (But Want)

* Tong Family Blog: Camcorder Recommendations — rich does a nice job of reviewing high end video cameras. for the 27 minutes of filming i do a year, i don’t need any of these, but…
* A projector with an ipod dock! Who doesn’t need one of these.
* The USB flute. And to the writer who sneers at “rocking out (with a flute?)” — go dust off your Jethro Tull LPs.
* Etymotic earcord winder. OK I might actually need this.
* MoGo mouse. This looked very cool when I saw rich with it.
* Super Paper Mario for the Wii. Mario. Wii.
* A chumby of course
* The Vectrix 3-wheeler because it is just awesome.
* The Callaway FT-i, this is all that separates me from Tiger Woods. (I kick myself that I’ve never invested in a golf enthusiast company, because golfers will buy anything).
* The MSR Reactor because you never know when you need to cook in gale force winds.

Stuff I should have blogged a while ago

* Need a new tiny PC for carrying around — OQO 2.0? One of the small Sonys? I don’t need a desktop replacement, just something small for classroom/cafe use. If it is big, I won’t carry it.
* Need to set up an Amazon store. Maybe for Halloween.
* Microsoft Robotics Software — interesting, tho it requires download of so much crap.
* Mic zooming HD cameras.
* The annoying need for notepad paste. I do this and it’s graphic friend “paintbrush paste” all the freaking time.
* How to get slickrun to activate with Windows-R
* Photostamps. Personalized stamps. Another good halloween or xmas idea
* Aboutus. Intriguing.

interesting links

* CrunchGear ? Blog Archive ? Tivoli Table Stereo for Audiophiles — these tivoli products seem way cool.
* 181 things to do on the moon — why to go back
* nanotext to fight counterfeiters — kind of cool, but how does the clerk at the 7-11 check for nanotext?
* Are You Watching This? — what is hot in sports tv right now
* Ignite Seattle — Hey I think Ignition should be an honorary sponsor
* Mapping Books — i love anything that is bookish
* wikicalc goes 1.0 — must try this
* the time fountain — i love stop-action photography
* Folded lens — simple yet awesome

Gadget Wish List

Gadgets I’ve noticed lately…

* The keyboard organizer — i need the XL model
* The Keyscan keyboard/scanner combo — I think I would seriously scan more often if the scanner was this close at hand
* A keyboard/pc — the other kind of keyboard
* Yamaha YSP-1 — surround sound from a single component.
* The latest ipod accessory — your house.
* Siemens’ wearable whole-house remote — great for my Halloween setup
* Hey I have every freakin’ ipod you can buy, so the ipod phone is a natural. By the way you have to love Apple’s iPod support policy — my iPod Photo was acting flakey, they gave me a new one, no questions asked.
* Sam loves the new slimp3 player (nice blog sam).
* Tunable glass windows to block selective radio transmissions — because I know everyone is trying to steal our secrets.
* Car stereo with removable HD — way easier to use than an ipod in the car
* And a wifi access point in my car — hmm, once i have full ip in the car, it sure seems like all these proprietary car nav systems with dated map discs will get crushed by mapquest/googlemaps/etc