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Hey, Father’s Day is not that far away, if you need ideas for me…

Unfortunately I have more ideas than offspring… * “pivoting power cord”:http://www.quirky.com/products/44-Pivot-Power-Flexible-Power-Strip. I’ve often wondered why powerstrips are so ugly. We all have them and they all suck. * “quirky”:http://www.quirky.com/. Recommended by Blake, lots of cool stuff here. * “Fireball Crosswords”:http://www.fireballcrossword.com/. […]

Lava is an awesome product name, I want one now.

Seriously, who would not want a “Lava heater”:http://www.coolhunting.com/design/lava-heaters.php? I am ready to order one today. Contrast with the “Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch”, Samsung’s latest phone. How stupid a name is this? Do they seriously think this will […]

It’s not too early to start thinking about Father’s Day

I don’t need or want any of this stuff actually but am drawn to all of it… * “Car map light”:http://www.coolest-gadgets.com/20100526/flexible-map-light/. Ok who looks at maps anymore, but this is nicely designed! * “Multimeter Clock”:http://www.adafruit.com/blog/2010/06/24/multimeter-clock-styled-after-the-simpson-260-multimeter/. Love the reuse of old […]

Stuff I Want But Don't Need

* Poken: Tiny RFID thingies that share all your personal data with others. Nice idea but looks like something an 8-year-old would carry. * Jean Marc Gady vases. * Timberkits. Look like fun * Cleo wall mirror with photos. I […]

More stuff I don't need but want

* No-staple stapler is better for the environment (and looks cool) — I hate freaking staples. This looks useful and cheap * B&W Zeppelin iPod speaker system. I would probably never actually buy this but it looks wicked. * Powerkayak. […]

More Stuff I Want But Don't Need

* Bell & Ross BR 01 Phantom — beautiful sparse design. Not sure I could ever justify 4-5K for such sparseness tho. * The Teslaphonic Organ — I pretty much love anything involving a Tesla coil. * Burning Rocks. They […]

Stuff I Want But Do Not Need

* French Ranges – Lacanche Stoves — beautiful ranges * Pioneer music tap — in the sonos, slimdevice space * d3o shock responding polymer — absolutely no need for this but it is cool * Van Hoy Snap Lock Knife […]

Stuff I Want But Don't Need — July 5

* Cementex Tool Kits.pdf (application/pdf Object) — very nice, pretty expensive * Looks like a jetski/golfcart combo – the golf cruiser — would Tiger ride one of these? * I would have loved this rug as a kid — if […]

Stuff I Want But Don't Need

* Have to lead today’s list with the iphone. My lizard brain wants one. The rest of me has no idea why. I’m going to attempt to hold off until V2. * Toolmonger ? Blog Archive ? Magnogrip Magnetic Wrist […]

More stuff I don't need but want

* The Kwikset Smartscan. Ok I am not sure I really want this. What I’d really like is a lock that could be programmed to respond to my car’s fob. I have to carry the car thing around anyway, why […]

A mixed set of lists

* The Big Picture | Cognitive Biases: A Short List — great list of the ways we screw up decisions * marca’s view on the best scifi of the decade * Larry’s recommended security blogs * EDSBS’s top 5 legends […]

Stuff I want but don't need

* From Toolmonger, a magnetic alternative to pegboard. Pretty awesome. * USB Fairy Lights — so happy! * Steam powered RC Vehicles * Wind Turbines — when I was a kid we had a wind power generator at our cabin, […]

Stuff I Want But Don't Need

* Grizzly Drill-Powered Hobby Lathe — another clever way to reuse a power drill. Not sure how large a part you could really fabricate on this but still. Oh and here is a hand’s-on review * Alpine’s latest car deck […]

More Stuff I Want But Don't Need

* Toolmonger ? Blog Archive ? Mark On Wet And Oily Surfaces With Stanley’s New Marker — ok this might actually be useful at halloween time when I am working outdoors a lot. I wonder how it works on slimy […]

Products I Want But Do Not Need

* Cymat: Home — metallic foams. Because they just look cool. The resin coated version would be a cool desktop. * Intensity vacuum. The folding-up-ness is nice. * Kraft paper sofas. Because no one else will have one. Oh and […]

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