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Refocusable digital photos

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Camera that Refocuses Photos – Emerging Technology — man this is freaking huge. I don’t completely understand the physics of what these folks are doing but capturing enough info about the incident light to be able to […]

Software/Services noticed

* Tabblo – Postcards at Tabblo — I could see making postcards * How to find your 64-bit Vista product key * Ballhype. Sports, good. Another site that will let me know that Oden is gone 🙁 * No idea […]

Ignition blog postings

* I wonder how the LPs feel (via Mattishness) at Starting Up by Rahul Pathak * Bob on tripods. Bob knows photography * Andy reminds me to disconnect every once in a while. * The jobster team keeps pouring out […]

Automatic photo beautification

Cool — Marginal Revolution: The Beauty Function — algorithms to automatically beautify people. It is one thing to see these developed someday as processing software tools. That will be nice. But I want this code jammed right into my camera, […]

interesting links

* CrunchGear ? Blog Archive ? Tivoli Table Stereo for Audiophiles — these tivoli products seem way cool. * 181 things to do on the moon — why to go back * nanotext to fight counterfeiters — kind of cool, […]

Ignition related bloggers

* Another great HDR photo from Bob — HDR effects on single image B&W – Bobsplanet. I have to play around with HDR sometime soon. When will we see our first automatic HDR camera? * Andy likes keyworddiscovery.com

Presto looks kind of cool

Presto | Home — tho too expensive — how long before someone hacks it to print things from a queue at a random url rather than the presto service site? Thanks for pointer Sam

Ignition blog roundup

* Melodeo launches with cingular — congrats! * Rich on the Sony HD videocam — the perfect xmas present! * Also rich points me towards an IR-compatible camera — I’ve been using a Sony DSC-F828 for a couple years and […]

Grabbag of links

* The blockbuster bestseller is dying. “…the evidence shows we are moving away from a winner-take-all society, not toward it” * Solar powered flickering candles. Ordered for Halloween * Great lens guidance from bob and rich. I now know infinitely […]

Grabbag of links

* Via gotAPI.com | Gadgetopia, gotapi.com — online reference for a bunch of different languages. nice. * Martin points to a great doc on how brazil achieved oil independence * First 100+megapixel sensor — rich here is your next camera. […]

Hardware I Need To Get

* With Skype’s recent announce of free outbound calling, I should try one of the cordless handsets available * A Washington-based PC Mfr focused on silent PCs — endpcnoise * Rich is getting me excited about getting a higher end […]

Photo utils

Rich reminded me of dxo and pointed me towards noise ninja and neatimage. Dxo is cool tho I don’t know that I really appreciate the coolness of it. NoiseNinja does more for me because I have really noticed the noise […]

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